A Change in Skincare

7 December 2016

Often it is a good idea to change up your routines in regards to anything, just so it doesn't get same old, or in just one word - boring. Recently I have noticed my skin has been changing, now it is still it's oily self but I have noticed it beginning to dry out more in certain areas which I am blaming this pesky weather for! So I thought it was time I changed my skincare routine to meet the needs of my confused and thirsty state of my skin - haha.  

The Christmas Clutch | Pink Parcel

24 November 2016

The Christmas period has come along very quickly and in fact it feels like summer was only yesterday which has left many of us in a dismay of what to buy for our loved ones! However, I have a gift that is perfect for the girls in my family and my close friends...

EVERYDAY | Urban Decay

15 November 2016

Products from Urban Decay that I reach for everyday, this post came to mind simply because I noticed that this brand in particular is used a lot in my everyday make up routine. I think it is also great sign to see the same brand recurring in your make up routine because clearly they are a winner! 

New Hair | Roxy Hair

6 November 2016

So, I've had my hair done?!?! And I couldn't be happier! I've been lucky enough to get it done by the lovely Roxanne, you can view her hairdressing page here - she is crazy talented! I mean just look at her blending? No harsh lines in this hair!

Sunday Stroll

30 October 2016

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters 
- Audrey Hepburn

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser | Review

18 October 2016

So my skin has been playing up recently and I mean big time playing up! I don't know what on earth it is doing and I have no idea what has caused it to become problematic. I haven't changed my skincare for a while, but I have been experimenting with different foundations which could be the answer to my problems. I spotted this product; Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and I'm not going to lie, because the product contains charcoal - something I have never tried before - I thought to give it a shot.

SOIGNÉ Botanique - FADED Collection

28 September 2016

Autumn is here and I can't wait to dig everything that is autumn orientated - I'm talking the berry/plum lipsticks, cosy jumpers and not to forget to mention those autumn shades for our nails - they can't be forgotten about can they? 

Cushion Covers & Bedding For Fall

26 September 2016

With fall being just a few weeks away, many of us are becoming excited for the cosy evenings, big jumpers and lots of hot chocolate to keep our bodies warm. With this in mind have you thought about updating your interior to match these upcoming months in full swing for fall?

Sudocrem For Spots?

13 September 2016

Each and everyone of us has at some point gone through a stage of having problematic skin, even if it just the one spot that likes to befriend your chin and overstay it's welcome. Skincare is so important and making sure the spots don't spread is another task in itself.

Drugstore Foundations For Oily Skin

11 September 2016

Having oily skin can be the biggest pain ever, simply because nothing actually stays on the skin... it just slides off or slides in different areas of the skin depending on the oiliness. I do have oily skin and finding a foundation which isn't expensive and that doesn't leave me looking shiny after an hour of wear is something I always look for.


5 September 2016

So correctors have been about for a long time but how do we use them properly?  What does each correcting concealer do?


30 August 2016

For someone that usually has gel nails I find painting my own nails an absolute chore and I simply don't have the patience to allow it to dry. However I thought I needed a break from gel and decided I would pick up this nail polish from Barry M, the colour drew me in but also the fact that its infused with coconut? Great!


25 August 2016

 This post is slightly different today, as you all know I focus on writing about beauty products for my blog, but I don't actually show you what I create from the palettes that I love etc, so I thought today I would share with you this look I have created using the Morphe 35N Palette.

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask

23 August 2016

Looking after your skin is so important, even basic skincare just by washing your face and moisturising it morning and night will make a huge difference to your skin and really look after it. I do have a kind of obsession with it though so I do take the extra steps and one thing I like doing in particular is using a face mask twice a week for a deep clean. 

Castor Oil | 4 USES

22 August 2016

First up, what is Castor Oil? it is a pale yellow oil which is obtained from castor beans. Overtime people have found that it has many uses and one especially being effective for
hair growth.

NARS | Paloma

15 August 2016

I have been meaning to review this product for a while but I have been trying it out with different foundations, over different powders etc just to see how it would apply and if there was a change in texture. So this little duo from Nars consists of two shades, a contouring shade and a shimmer to highlight the high points of your face.

A Dupe Foundation For MAC Pro Longwear

8 August 2016

So for a long time now MAC Pro Longwear has been my favourite foundation since I purchased my first bottle about 3 years ago! My skin is combination but I will say it is more oily than dry but not oily enough to completely use skincare for just that specific type due to dry patches. I have been on a look out for a foundation like Pro Longer for everyday use and at £26.00 per bottle I kind of want to keep it a weekend/special occasion foundation if you know what I mean?

LUSH | Shampoo

1 August 2016

If you didn't know already then I have a huge addiction to Lush, just going in the shop is a must and 99% of the time I always come out the shop with something whether it is just a cute bath bomb or something new for my skincare. For a little while I was keen to try their shampoo and conditioner and my scalp is quite sensitive just like the rest of my skin so I thought I would give it a go.

Friction Free Shaving

25 July 2016

I have been receiving this little bundle of goodness through my letter box for the last 6 months now and the idea behind is great. If you haven't heard of Friction Free Shaving then you need to head over to their website now.  FFS are the first monthly subscription box to offer a box of 4 razor blades for you change once a week from £3.00 a month!

Summer Fragrance

22 July 2016

To leave the house with a spritz of fragrance just creates a great start to my day! I love the scents that are kind of fruity and definitely very girly or some sophisticated and I have to admit I am one for the overpowering scents as I feel they last longer throughout the day. I have picked out 3 fragrances which I think are great for the summer this year!

Beach Bag Essentials

20 July 2016

Summer has officially hit England but not in a nice gradual way, more of a just hit you in the face kind of way and now it has us Brits struggling to deal with the heat! Actually trying to sleep at nighttime is an absolute nightmare and for those that have to work during the day, it seems unbearable. However for those days when it is so, so hot! Then the coolest place is either the swimming pool or of course the beach if you want to catch a tan. So before you head to the beach make sure you have your essentials.

5 Shows To Watch On Netflix

18 July 2016

It is the summer and I know we should all be outside enjoying the hot weather and all, but sometimes I just can't handle the heat so I feel like sitting inside for an hour or two a day watching Netflix really is a nice break from the sun! Now the question is, is what do I watch on Netflix? I binge watch so badly to the point where I am constantly needing a new show to watch so incase you're in my shoes then carry on reading for something to cast your eyes on for a while!

Pink Parcel Subscription Box

15 July 2016

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box in order to make your period less daunting and actually more bearable due to all the lovely beauty treats and a handful of sanitary items also. You can purchase all of this for £10.50 including postage which is a bargain! 


12 July 2016

Make up brushes just seem a necessity that you can never have enough of? I have more make up brushes that I have anything else and I am always on the hunt for more whether they are high end or some cheap ones discovered on eBay - I still want to give them a go.

The Primark Shoe

7 July 2016

I have been longing for a pair of these shoes for quite some time but the ones I have seen range from £30.00 to £50.00 which to me is a lot for a pair of shoes that I won't wear regularly and I will only ever pay this for a pair of trainers as I live in them. A few weeks ago I took a trip to Lakeside along with a few friends and spotted these beauties in Primark for only £14.00!!!!!! Which is an absolute bargain.

Maintaining Blonde Hair

6 July 2016

Do you have blonde hair? It is lovely isn't it? Yet it is so hard to keep those brassy tones at bay. No matter if you have had freshly dyed blonde hair or beautiful highlights put through your hair, the blonde will become brassy and that is just simply due to the outdoors with pollution, even using the wrong hair products and sometimes even the sun and chlorine can really alter the blonde. I have been on and off blonde for 6 years now but I am keen on wanting it to remain so I have created this post for products that have been really working for my blonde.

Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge

4 July 2016

So out with the old, in with the new and this Miracle Complexion Sponge just like a Beauty Blender has served it's purpose well and has been a statement in my everyday make up routine. Now I know it is look rather unwell now but like I said it has been well loved! As for cleaning it, I do rinse it after every use and weekly I would really give it a deep clean by placing it in a cup of washing up liquid and boiling water to sit for half an hour - it really did the job.

June Favourites

30 June 2016

I must say this month I haven't purchased anything new as I have been on a spending ban because realistically I do need to save and I thought it would be nice to actually rediscover some love for some products that I might of accidentally forgotten about? Come on we all do this once and a while!

Bondi Sands | FAKE TANNING

23 June 2016

So I don't know about you, but I do love the sun but I just hate the damage it causes to my skin and is it really worth it? When you can achieve a sun kissed glow from a bottle? I think it is a no brainer really! However it does require some effort, but it takes about 30 minutes for me with a routine which is a lot quicker than laying on a sunbed or baking your skin outside for hours on end.


21 June 2016

Skincare is so important to me, I cannot go away on holiday or even just stay somewhere else whether it is a hotel or round a friends without my skincare routine it simply just doesn't get missed out from the equation. I have always been told to look after my skin and after all you do only get one face so you may as well treat it well.

YOUTUBERS | What I eat in a day

15 June 2016

Recently I have been addicted to watching "What I Eat In A Day" type of videos on Youtube and honestly I am starting to find them so relaxing to watch and not only that, they are inspiring me to eat better most of the time, despite the fact that I do have a bag of M&M's right next to me...but everyone deserves a treat once in a while...oops.


2 June 2016

Matte lips, liquid lipsticks they are all the rage lately and if you haven't purchased either of the two you need to because it will change your makeup game completely. I am completely obsessed with NYX recently and it is fair to say that from what social media is showing many others are too! The brand is so affordable yet the quality is incredible.


24 May 2016

The important thing about having a good base for your make up is making sure that moisturiser is suitable for your type of skin. It can be difficult though, especially if you have combination skin, therefore you have an oily T-Zone and maybe some dry patches. I have struggled for ages and I thought that just using a moisturiser for dry skin (as the majority of my skin was more dry than oily) would do the job, but I was simply wrong.


23 May 2016

Since hitting the bottom of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade I thought I would actually try something different for my eyebrows, after all I have been using ABH for a year and a half, sometimes it is good to change it up a bit and discover and use new products.


18 May 2016

Hey Guys, so I recently thought perhaps I need to actually post a video on just something simple and that way you get to know about me a little bit and get to see my personality. I can't believe how difficult I found this, trying to think of 50 facts about yourself sounds easy, but once you sit down and try to think, oh my... I really struggled! I hope you enjoy.

Chedsneh xo


11 May 2016

If you have frizzy, untamed hair like me, that is a chore to wash because you dread that task due to the knots it unveils then you need to purchase the two products above because they have transformed my hair completely.


12 April 2016

So the title is the definition of this blog post entirely, I decided to purchase a few really cheap products to try out and add to my collection. I have heard so many great things about the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers it was silly to turn down at just £3.00 each!


11 April 2016

You've probably heard about this foundation already, I found about it by an article on what makeup Adele was wearing at the Brit Awards and this foundation was mentioned. I also watched Nikkie Tutorials use this and it looked beautiful on her skin so I took the plunge and purchased the shade F100.


10 April 2016

It rained most of yesterday and it rained most of last week, so hello Spring. Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons, only because I am awful at keeping warm in the Autumn and Winter, I do however love the atmosphere they bring but I just don't like being wrapped up in a big coat all the time, it hides the effort you make with your outfits!


30 March 2016

I have been obsessing over Beauty Bay recently, they stock so many amazing products that I just want to purchase and try them all out! Unfortunately I can't as that would be irresponsible of me and completely leave me broke. However I have picked out a few items that I do plan on adding to my collection. Most of it is makeup, however there is the hair mask and the fake tan that smells of cherry, which is a bit different than smelling of biscuits every time you fake tan?


28 March 2016

So this is my first ever Glossy Box, like ever. I did subscribe to Birchbox for a little while, then decided to just not continue for a bit. However, Glossy Box this month were offering a beautiful brush which I just needed - Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504 - as you can see from the images above it is beautiful and I couldn't wait to use it, hence why the bristles are already dirty and I do apologise but come on? Pretty hard to resist!


10 March 2016

Recently I decided that I would stop using all my current skincare routine products and opt for all products Lush - it was the best decision made. I've been using this new routine for 2 months now and I can already notice my skin looking and feeling better.


29 February 2016

Meet my bath/shower essentials, they join me every evening when I bathe or have a shower and I cannot go without them. All of the products are a necessity to the majority of us and the brands or type of products change depending on if we wish to try something new or we have simply ran out.

1. OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner; These are new products and have been joining in with the daily routine for last the 2 weeks and they are going to stay. My younger sister uses these and she has said they are pretty damn good. I have just recently had a whole head of highlights x 2 over the last month and I need something that is going to nourish my tresses I do use these everyday and however if my highlights are looking slightly brassy then I will use a purple shampoo to emit those tones.


28 February 2016

So where did February go? Like seriously I know it doesn't have many days but come on, I feel like I slept throughout the majority of February!
I don't always do a monthly favourites only because I am trying to be sensible and save for a house so  I don't tend to have many spontaneous purchases — however I feel like I haven't treated myself since Christmas so I thought I would try out some new products.  I have found a lot of love for all of the products pictured above and I have been using these pretty much everyday as I can't get enough!


11 February 2016

One thing for sure is that MAC know how to create a great lipstick, whether it's the shade or the finish, they really know what they are doing.
MAC lipsticks from left to right; Velvet Teddy, Twig, Twig (Brand New), Creme Cup, Vegas Volt, Sweet & Sour, Rebel, Pink Pearl Pop and Asian Flower. 

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