Beach Bag Essentials

20 July 2016

Summer has officially hit England but not in a nice gradual way, more of a just hit you in the face kind of way and now it has us Brits struggling to deal with the heat! Actually trying to sleep at nighttime is an absolute nightmare and for those that have to work during the day, it seems unbearable. However for those days when it is so, so hot! Then the coolest place is either the swimming pool or of course the beach if you want to catch a tan. So before you head to the beach make sure you have your essentials.

I think the main essential is of course suncream, now I use factor 15 but because I don't particularly like to be out in the sun too much so I think this is just enough for a short amount of time. Also don't forget to keep reapplying it throughout the day and even if it water resistance I would still apply to be on the safe side!

Deodorant? Well yeah it is hot outside, completely optional but I can't be dealing with not feeling or smelling fresh as a daisy under my armpits - haha.

Sunglasses, these are a recent purchase from Quay Australia and I managed to pick these up in the sale from ASOS for £12.00 - incredible. These are my new favourite, I haven't had a colourful pair of sunglasses before and the quality of these are very high.

Now if you're just heading to the beach to tan, you need some entertainment so I always take my Kindle so I can get stuck into a good book and if you find sunbathing boring like me this definitely makes the time go faster.

The last mini essentials I have are a good lip balm and my current love is Lush's Lollipop, it is a solid form and I found it doesn't really melt under too much warmth which is helpful. Also Soap & Glory's body mist is always in my bag just to freshen up so I couldn't be without it. Finally a hairband, which I think most of us have in our essentials as scraping the hair away from your face couldn't be a better feeling!

What are your beach bag essentials?

Chedsneh xo

P.s don't forget to drink lots and lots of water!!


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