16 December 2014

As its Christmas next week, which I can't believe as this year has gone so quickly! I thought I would add a festive touch to my blog. Of course I've gone ahead with a simple smokey eye and the traditional red lip, why? Because it never fails.

Rimmel London, Lasting Finish 25 HR foundation.
Rimmel London, Stay Matte Powder.
Bourjois Paris Bronzer.
Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette.

MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre.
Naked 3 Palette.
L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes.
Sleek Eyebrow Kit.

Nivea Pure & Natural Milk & Honey Lip Balm.
Rimmel London Lipstick in 01.


14 December 2014

Yesterday I was quite satisfied with my make up, so listed below are the products I have used in this look;

Face; Rimmel London, Lasting Finish 25 HR foundation.
Rimmel London, Stay Matte Powder.
Bourjois Paris Bronzer.
Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette.

Eyes; MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre.
Naked Basics Palette.
L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes.
Eyelure NO 101 Lashes.
Sleek Eyebrow Kit.
MUA Pencil Liner in White.

Lips; Nivea Pure & Natural Milk & Honey Lip Balm.
Rimmel London Lipstick in Pink Blush.


11 December 2014

This autumn, I don't think we can get enough of this vampy lip with defined brows and simple eye make up.

To achieve this look simply wear a matte or dewy foundation then powder if you wish to.

Define those brows with your pencil or powder its totally up to you.

Give blush a miss and contour those cheekbones, with a hint of highlight.

Add a few coats of mascara.

And finally... apply that a berry colour liner, and line your lips, coat with a matching lipstick and you are good to go.

T H E - E S S E N T I A L - S H O E S

9 December 2014

No.1  LENA Platform Sandals
The kind of goes with everything shoe. Perfect for that dress you've been meaning to wear, but you've been lacking the right shoe.

No.2  KOOPER Stud Slip Ons
Not a fan of trainers? But don't want to wear those cute ballet flats, then these are the best option, simple and casual.

No.3  MARGOT Leather Boots
These boots will complete the ankle grazer jeans and the slouchy top for the effortless days.

No.4  RENEE Glitter High Sandals
In need of a classy shoe for the special occasion? Simple but beautified up with the delicate glitter detail.

I n t e r i o r i n s p i r a t i o n

7 December 2014

FYI; all images are not mine, images found from Pinterest.

No.1 Bathroom,
This bathroom looks quaint and cold, however the elegant furnishings allow character to present itself.

No.2 Above ground pool,
Can you imagine having this pool? I'd just like it so I could capture many surreal shots. (Typical me)

No.3 Branch bed,
I'd adore a bed like this, bringing nature indoors, it would be the centre of attention. which would achieve many compliments.

No.4 Simplistic lounge,
Sometimes if you are stuck for ideas, keeping it simple always turns out best, it isn't being safe, its just has more of a undone charm.

No.5 Classy bedroom,
If you don't have much colour in a room, introduce it in subtle ways, like the pillows for example, that way it doesn't look too much,

H a i r I n s p i r a t i o n;

FYI; all images are not mine, images found from Pinterest.

No.1 Classic side pony,
This look suits anyone with hair from shoulder length hair or longer. The slightly teased crown adds more volume, and hair is wrapped around the ponytail to disguise the hair tie. Effortlessly pretty.

No.2 Tousled waves scraped back,
Again, any length hair can pull this off from the shoulders, curl hair for more texture and pull back loosely for an undone look.

No.3 Simple undone pony,
I love how simple this looks, hair pulled back loosely, allowing some free hair to frame the face for a delicate look.

No.4 Thick ringlets with a twist,
Curl hair with a large curling tong, curling hair in different directions so it can flow easily, then scoop the top layers to create more dimension.

No.5 Vintage beehive modernised,
Separate layers from the beginning of your hair to the crown, teasing each layer, pull back, smooth over and tie into a simple bun. Pretty. 

 M O V I N G    T O    M Y    N E S T

Lately, I have been somewhat busy which is explains the lack of posts. I've just currently moved out, left my parents which I have adapted to quite well. I couldn't be happy though, I feel like I have achieved a good balance back in my life. However, there are a few things I feel like I just need to note down.

No.1 I have realised lately, that there is something in particular that is driving my creativity to disappear. I can't remember the last time I picked up my camera and created a surreal shot that depicted my emotions. I can't state what that something in particular is, but it is something that many people feel tired with. Have you guessed yet?

No.2 I would adore to have all the free time in the world to tend to this blog as much as I can. I don't think there will be a specific area that my blog will show, I aim to show everything about myself that I enjoy. Fashion, beauty... daily life... perhaps even recipes - although I am terrible at cooking. I've been lucky enough to have my boyfriend cook for me everyday.

No.3 I would also like to state that I am sorry for the poor quality of images. I have just taken these in 5 minutes in very low light. In fact I am even sat here at my computer typing away... with no light on.
No.4 As you can see by reading the post, it is just an update, a ramble and a few images of the view I see everyday. Pretty cool huh?
No.5 & finally it almost Christmas, which I am very excited about, my first Christmas at a new home though, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I hope any of those that visit this blog, to check regularly as this will be my happiest priority.

Much love,
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