H a i r I n s p i r a t i o n;

7 December 2014

FYI; all images are not mine, images found from Pinterest.

No.1 Classic side pony,
This look suits anyone with hair from shoulder length hair or longer. The slightly teased crown adds more volume, and hair is wrapped around the ponytail to disguise the hair tie. Effortlessly pretty.

No.2 Tousled waves scraped back,
Again, any length hair can pull this off from the shoulders, curl hair for more texture and pull back loosely for an undone look.

No.3 Simple undone pony,
I love how simple this looks, hair pulled back loosely, allowing some free hair to frame the face for a delicate look.

No.4 Thick ringlets with a twist,
Curl hair with a large curling tong, curling hair in different directions so it can flow easily, then scoop the top layers to create more dimension.

No.5 Vintage beehive modernised,
Separate layers from the beginning of your hair to the crown, teasing each layer, pull back, smooth over and tie into a simple bun. Pretty. 

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