September | FAVOURITES

22 September 2015

September is already so close to coming to it's end and I can't believe it. It's also almost been a week since I was in Spain... and this year has gone so fast and I have been blogging for 9 months already and I've come such a long way, which I thank all of you. So back to the topic of my September favourites...

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Kiss Me Quick
I absolutely despise painting my nails. I'm quite an impatient person and I'm not one to wait around just for my nails to dry, however this nail polish is great if you don't like wasting time. It does dry very quickly and I only need to apply 2 coats! As for the colour, it is a baby pink but you simply can't go wrong with that. At the moment I'm having Shelac on my nails so this polish is just for my toe, but I've been reapplying it consistently this month so far!

Elizabeth Arden Mascara - Double Density
My favourite make up product has to be mascara, I love having long eyelashes with volume but that it quite hard to find in a mascara. But I think I have found my match with this one. You can layer and layer this mascara and it doesn't clump up on your lashes and the volume it gives is amazing. As for lengthening that also does such a good job. Lately I have been looking into lash extensions and I'd really appreciate your opinions on those!

Rimmel London Kate Moss - 45
If you're looking for a natural nude lip - this is the one. I am a huge fan of Rimmel London's lipsticks as they are so pigmented and creamy too, not to forget the huge variety of shades they have. I have been wearing this almost every day so far as it compliments every look.

Soap & Glory Liquid Eye Liner - Supercat
Normally I reach for my gel eye liner but this has me converted. I normally never opt for a pen like, liquid formula eye liner, but I've read nothing but good reviews on this product and as it doesn't break the bank I thought why not. I'm pleased that I did exactly that as I haven't gone back. It's pigmented, it lasts all day, easy to use and you actually don't end disappointed when you go to use it for the 100th time as it still hasn't dried out.

DUO Eyelash Adhesive 
Like I said, I love long eyelashes, therefore I love false lashes. I've just been using the glue that comes with the false lashes but it is pretty poor as I really don't like the fact that I have to reapply my eyelashes later on in the day. Again this was a purchase based on the reviews and I am so pleased. This will last me such a long time.

Have you tried any of these products?

Chedsneh xo

Holiday | BLANES

19 September 2015

B L A N E S 

So I have recently just came back from a place that was filled with tranquility. Honestly, I'd move out there tomorrow but I of course would miss typical British traits. Me and my boyfriend stayed there for a week, and the weather was great besides one day in which it rained so much there was warnings of floods, but it was cool... we chilled in the spa which left our skin feeling amazing! I did hope to go to the Salvador Dali museum as I'm a huge fan, however as I didn't prebook because I didn't know I really had to, it was 3 hours away and it was either a 3 hour bus journey or a short but very expensive taxi journey. I plan on going back next year and for definite I will be visiting the surreal world of Dali. I had the richest hot chocolate, to say it was a drink seemed wrong to me considering it was so thick, I had to slurp on a spoon - haha. Attached are a few images and I really recommend visiting what Blanes has to offer. 

September | Wishlist | BEAUTY

17 September 2015

I'm feeling Autumn already and I'm feeling like I need to add to my make up collection after lusting over these products that I have found. However, I am currently broke till pay day but I really shall be investing in the above products. If you have tried any of the above - let me know your thoughts! Products listed below;

Chedsneh xo

Where have I been?

7 September 2015

Hello, just incase you're wondering where I have been, explanation is in this video! I'm going on holiday for a week and a half, so I'll blog when I'm back! 
Much love, Chedsneh xo
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