Friction Free Shaving

25 July 2016

I have been receiving this little bundle of goodness through my letter box for the last 6 months now and the idea behind is great. If you haven't heard of Friction Free Shaving then you need to head over to their website now.  FFS are the first monthly subscription box to offer a box of 4 razor blades for you change once a week from £3.00 a month!

Summer Fragrance

22 July 2016

To leave the house with a spritz of fragrance just creates a great start to my day! I love the scents that are kind of fruity and definitely very girly or some sophisticated and I have to admit I am one for the overpowering scents as I feel they last longer throughout the day. I have picked out 3 fragrances which I think are great for the summer this year!

Beach Bag Essentials

20 July 2016

Summer has officially hit England but not in a nice gradual way, more of a just hit you in the face kind of way and now it has us Brits struggling to deal with the heat! Actually trying to sleep at nighttime is an absolute nightmare and for those that have to work during the day, it seems unbearable. However for those days when it is so, so hot! Then the coolest place is either the swimming pool or of course the beach if you want to catch a tan. So before you head to the beach make sure you have your essentials.

5 Shows To Watch On Netflix

18 July 2016

It is the summer and I know we should all be outside enjoying the hot weather and all, but sometimes I just can't handle the heat so I feel like sitting inside for an hour or two a day watching Netflix really is a nice break from the sun! Now the question is, is what do I watch on Netflix? I binge watch so badly to the point where I am constantly needing a new show to watch so incase you're in my shoes then carry on reading for something to cast your eyes on for a while!

Pink Parcel Subscription Box

15 July 2016

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box in order to make your period less daunting and actually more bearable due to all the lovely beauty treats and a handful of sanitary items also. You can purchase all of this for £10.50 including postage which is a bargain! 


12 July 2016

Make up brushes just seem a necessity that you can never have enough of? I have more make up brushes that I have anything else and I am always on the hunt for more whether they are high end or some cheap ones discovered on eBay - I still want to give them a go.

The Primark Shoe

7 July 2016

I have been longing for a pair of these shoes for quite some time but the ones I have seen range from £30.00 to £50.00 which to me is a lot for a pair of shoes that I won't wear regularly and I will only ever pay this for a pair of trainers as I live in them. A few weeks ago I took a trip to Lakeside along with a few friends and spotted these beauties in Primark for only £14.00!!!!!! Which is an absolute bargain.

Maintaining Blonde Hair

6 July 2016

Do you have blonde hair? It is lovely isn't it? Yet it is so hard to keep those brassy tones at bay. No matter if you have had freshly dyed blonde hair or beautiful highlights put through your hair, the blonde will become brassy and that is just simply due to the outdoors with pollution, even using the wrong hair products and sometimes even the sun and chlorine can really alter the blonde. I have been on and off blonde for 6 years now but I am keen on wanting it to remain so I have created this post for products that have been really working for my blonde.

Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge

4 July 2016

So out with the old, in with the new and this Miracle Complexion Sponge just like a Beauty Blender has served it's purpose well and has been a statement in my everyday make up routine. Now I know it is look rather unwell now but like I said it has been well loved! As for cleaning it, I do rinse it after every use and weekly I would really give it a deep clean by placing it in a cup of washing up liquid and boiling water to sit for half an hour - it really did the job.
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