Maintaining Blonde Hair

6 July 2016

Do you have blonde hair? It is lovely isn't it? Yet it is so hard to keep those brassy tones at bay. No matter if you have had freshly dyed blonde hair or beautiful highlights put through your hair, the blonde will become brassy and that is just simply due to the outdoors with pollution, even using the wrong hair products and sometimes even the sun and chlorine can really alter the blonde. I have been on and off blonde for 6 years now but I am keen on wanting it to remain so I have created this post for products that have been really working for my blonde.

So for starters I recommend not washing your hair everyday because bleached hair is dry and very vulnerable to damage so a couple of times a week is what I can get away with but luckily with blonde hair I find you can't notice the oiliness as much. 

You need a really good deep conditioner to use on your hair as a treatment at the moment I am still finding ones I like so I won't mention any products now but if you have any recommendations then please comment below! 

As for keeping that brassiness or even the banana yellow tones at bay you will need a purple shampoo now the purple shampoo when used in our hair will be slightly absorbed (if you use this wisely and not overdo it) therefore removing any of those displeasing tones.  Now I really recommend Fudge Clean Blonde but it is so powerful to the point if you even leave it on your hair for  3 minutes you're guaranteed to have some lilac and purple streaks in your hair. So my hairdresser advised mixing this with another shampoo or just immediately washing it out!

Unfortunately using Fudge's purple shampoo left me with a hair disaster which I have had fixed now but I haven't used it since as I am scared - haha! So I read some reviews and thought I would give Shimmer Lights a go and I also purchased the conditioner. These are much softer on my hair and they are definitely keeping it that icy blonde colour which I have had done at the salon. They also smell amazing! You can buy them from Amazon for pretty cheap too.

As for brushing blonde hair when it is wet, it is kind of a no go for some people but if you're one of those with thick amounts of hair that is so frizzy it needs to be blow dried in order to be tamed then I advise purchasing a Tangle Teezer or the Wet Brush which is much more softer on the hair whilst being brushed. Blonde hair becomes stretchy when it is damaged so if you were to use any other hairbrush besides those be prepared to see a lot of snapping hair and a lot of hair in that brush - I've been there - yikes.

Finally make sure you use a good heat protectant and an incredible hair oil - that blonde hair of yours is very thirsty of it trust me! If you are blonde then I really hope the above has helped and well if you aren't blonde but thinking about becoming blonde then keep the above in mind for maintaining it!

Do you have any recommendations for products to maintain blonde hair?

Chedsneh xo


  1. Maintaining blonde hair sounds like a chore I had highlights before but ended up just sticking to one colour was to hard getting those brass tones out

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I've been blonde for around six years, but the colour that I have isn't a bleach, so it's not too damaging for my hair. I have tried a purple shampoo, but it took the blonde out of my hair completely, so now I'm a little bit scared to try another one x

    1. Oh no really? Your hair looks a lovely colour though :) x


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