The Red Lipstick

23 January 2017

Red lipstick, it can be quite a difficult shade to wear can't it? And also it is much easier to line your lips first to stop that feathered look going on... but what shade of red is ideal for you?


11 January 2017

The NYX Butter Lipstick comes in so many shades, often if you are tired of wearing a matte lipstick and you're looking for a moisturising yet pigmented lipstick then these are for you!

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner | REVIEW

1 January 2017

Oh how frustrating is it, you're being experimental with your makeup and the eyeshadow involved is highly pigmented and not just a natural smokey eye, we are talking cranberry shades the lot... and you happen to want to use your favourite brush for another shade but you can't because its overloaded with a another eyeshadow...
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