3 January 2018

Skin care is my favourite, I just love having healthy skin and you can achieve that by eating healthy but also having a good regime and using the right products for your skin. I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising since I was 12 as my mum and dad have always told me it is really important to look after your skin. 

If you aren't familiar with Nu Skin, then you should know they are my favourite brand especially when it comes to skin care. Their products are like no other, and the best thing about them, is visible results that show quickly. I was kindly gifted from Nu Skin their Nutricentials range, I have been using these products for a good month now, morning and night and I can happily say my skin looks smooth and the complexion looks calm. I have been quite lucky with my skin, I haven't suffered with spots. However my problem is redness and large pores.

Certain products I have tried in the past have resulted in my skin flaring up like crazy and before I know it my skin looks as bright as a tomato. I have used a vast amount of products from Nu Skin and they have not triggered my redness to go crazy.

So what is each product? What do they do? You may be thinking there is a lot of products here for a morning and evening regime, but if you're obsessed with skin care like me, the more the merrier I say! 

I always start with the cleaning lotion on a cotton pad which I swipe all over the skin which does pick up any traces left of make up. This lotion has very specific properties which are key to being gentle on your skin such as meadowfoam seed oil, licorice and algae extracts. 

Second I like to use a toner, to tighten up the pores as I do suffer with large pores. The best thing about this pH Balance Toner, it contains strawberry extract and also vitamin C which is perfect for soothing the skin.

My 2 favourite products in this regime have to be the Celltrex CoQ10 Complete and Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid. They both help the skin looking youthful with full of glow. You can read more about these products and their incredible features here and here.

Depending on whether it is morning or evening the moisturiser I use will be different. So for example the morning regime includes using the Moisture Restore Day which is for combination to oily skin. Another benefit is that this moisturiser contains SPF 15, now protecting your skin against sun damage is vital. Want to know another perk, well this moisturiser isn't like your usual, it actually increases your skin's natural resistance to environmental exposure through natural antioxidant protection. 

Now, if it is the evening, this is where I have no make up on... this is a time where using a nourishing moisturiser is key to allow your skin to soak in all the goodness overnight. I use the Night Supply Nourishing Cream, I simply scoop some on my fingers and massage this over my face and neck. 

One final product which I have been using twice a week to include in my pamper routine is the polishing peel. This is strangely addictive I must add. So this product is an alternative to professional treatments such as microdermabrasion which combats damage caused to the skin from the sun, ageing and general environmental assaults. 

For this, I apply a full layer which is visible all over my face and neck, I let this sit for approximately 30 seconds and with my fingers I start massaging my skin to buff away the dead skin cells. That is the addictive part and whats also addictive, seeing how fresh and clear your skin looks after.

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