Make Up Revolution Lipstick | Review

28 August 2017

I have been meaning to write this post for a little while... as these lipsticks are perfect, from the packaging to the formula.  
So when it does come to a good lipstick, I would always recommend MAC, they have different formulas and the shade range is so diverse its crazy. The price tag, isn't so appealing no, but I look past that because it is a great quality and the scent is good... am I right? 

Well anyway, that did all change when I purchased 3 of the Makeup Revolution's lipsticks. They were £4.00 each!! I got myself a bargain here, but I was slightly skeptical about how good these were going to be. First up, packaging... rose gold. Everyone is digging that at the moment, it is very pretty. It looks high end too which is a bonus and it doesn't feel cheap. Kinda getting Charlotte Tilbury vibes from the packaging.

Next, the formula... creamy! Not dry, dragging against your lips at all. They last for hours too, even after you've had a cuppa and a digestive biscuit. The scent too, I love a lipstick that smells good. If it smells like your average household cleaning product, we've got a problem. This smells sweet and like vanilla. Now, as for the shades I purchased from left to right, RenewGreatest and Revive. Cute names. The first 2 are nudes with brown undertones and the last shade is pink, kinda like baby pink but not so in your face.

I have been wearing these all non stop everyday, they are so versatile and they complement most looks I have created. You actually get a considerable amount of lipstick too, some cheaper brands tend to not give you as much product to compensate for the lower price but Makeup Revolution have not done that here which makes me happy.

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