31 January 2015

Again I took a quick browse into Boots and ended up spending half an hour in there arguing with myself amongst the busy lunchtime rush hour about what products I should end up buying! 

Religiously for a while I was using Rimmel London's Lip Liner in Eastend Snob and I fell in love with it. It is retractable which I like as you can twist it down after use so if you are clumsy like me, you don't end up catching it and breaking half of it off. 

It wasn't till about a week ago, I was just about to apply it... and well there was nothing, absolutely nothing left. There were almost tears, as dramatic as it sounds, but when you have a look put together and it looks great in your mind and one thing is missing... it is terrible!

But once again we reunite and I can carry on creating my looks that I visualise! However I will now keep an eye on the usage. This product is inexpensive just costing around £3.99!

Now for mascara, I'm a huge fan of Maybelline's mascaras and whenever there is a newbie, I just have to give it a whirl. I used it today, and it grabs every eyelash, the curved brush also works wonders with the eye's natural shape. So far so good! I got this on offer in Boots for around £5.99 I believe.

And finally a product I have been meaning to purchase for a while! Maybelline's Gel Eyeline is Ultra Violet. It is beautiful! I used it today, however one thing I may say is that it's a lot drier than the black. So it does take a few dips in the pot to have a vibrant look. Still after the effort it stills looks amazing. I believe this was around £7.99.

Have you tried any of these products?



29 January 2015

The shade red isn't the easiest colour to pull off and I envy those who can do it with ease. The deep reds are something I have to steer away from, however I do own 1 or 2 shades but they aren't my most loved I have to admit.

I tend to opt for the shades that are slightly lighter and have more of an orange hint in them. They work with my olive skin, instead of the dark red shades working against it.

Above are a selected few of my favourite reds that I own and wear weekly!

Rimmel London Moisture Renew 660 In Love With Ginger
Rimmel London Kate Moss 01
Gosh 145 Shooting Coral 
Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte 110
M.A.C Vegas Volt

What are your favourite shades?



26 January 2015

Without reading the title you may see these images and instantly think of Youtube and yes... it is about my favourite youtubers, or should I say, the youtubers I watch regularly!

1. Zoella
I've been part of youtube for so many years now, since 2008! However I'm too shy to film, maybe it's something I would do in the future. But back to how long I've been on youtube, I've followed Zoe's blog as well as her youtube account. I was also excited to see a new Primark Haul uploaded regularly and I've seen her grow, like so many others to be so successful. The one thing, that makes Zoe so interesting to watch, is that she is always so engaging with her viewers, she is always a joy to watch so that's one of the main reasons as to why I watch her regularly.

I have to admit, I didn't know who Alfie was until I noticed that he was close with Zoe! I'm more intrigued with his vlogs, as he always has a smile on his face and can make the simplest video so comfortable to watch - he is just full of life!

I found this gem on Pinterest - social media helps so much! Once discovering her youtube channel and following her on Instagram, she too has quickly become a favourite of mine. Every make up looks is effortlessly stunning and precise. She joined last year and already she is so successful!

Zoe's brother, Joe Sugg... well he has me in stitches all the time. The numerous pranks his plays on his friends. He is so creative and commical all of the time, you can't not like him! 

Ingrid Nilsen, seriously so beautiful and cute! Again she is so engaging, I think that's what I look for in youtubers don't you think? It's so important. She makes her videos fun! And her new hair style is stunning on her. Her channel also provided a lot to watch, from make up to food!

Who are your favourite/most watched youtubers? 


The Thortons Chocolate Brownie

25 January 2015

 I spotted this mixture in Asda the other day and I felt like baking something easy but tasty at the same time! These are definitely both of those and make the perfect cheeky snack.

All you need is this mixture as 2 medium eggs and 60g of unsalted butter.

Preparation Instructions;

  • Preheat thew oven to 170'c and grease your square tin which you would like to use.
  • Place the 60g of unsalted butter into a microwaveable bowl and also add 2/3 of the chocolate chunks that come with the mixture. 
  • Melt the butter and chocolate chunks in the microwave for about 60 seconds, stirring regularly till the mixture has fully melted.
  • Grabbing another bowl and empty the contents of the brownie mix sachet and the 2 eggs. Stir until fully blended. 
  • Fold in the melted butter and chocolate chunks mixture into the brownie mix and transfer to the square tin. 
  • Add the remaining chocolate chunks, scattering them on the mixture at random. 
  • Bake the brownies in the over for 20 minutes.

Ta - dah!



24 January 2015

So I jumped on the bandwagon, after doing a lot of review reading, I decided to purchase the blush palettes. After all they look so irresistible! 

Above is the Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar;
I have tried only two shades out of this palette, and I have to say... they are incredibly pigmented! So do not go overboard... I did do that without thinking! I can't wait to get a tan and use these shades most in the summer, for that glow!

Above is the Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice;
Again, one sweep of this product on your brush is enough! I tried the darkest shade, and went a bit too blush happy! I can't believe how pigmented these shades are, it makes me very happy knowing this, because the product will then last and for the price of just £6 each, when most blushes from the drugstores cost that for one! It is amazing. Some blushers have flecks of highlighter in them too, to add a glowy sheen!

Do you own these products or any of Makeup Revolution? What are your thoughts?


The chore of cleaning the B R U S H E S

 I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate, I know hate is a strong word, but I hate cleaning my brushes. It is just another chore for me! But it has to be done, because I cannot stand doing my make up knowing that my brushes are clogged up with product... yuck.

So I'll just give you a step by step run down on how I clean them.

1. First up is grabbing a towel and laying it on the floor. Simple!
2. I fill up the sink in my bathroom with luke warm water.
3. I seperate my brushes into two categories; face and eyes.
4. I grab some baby shampoo as I think it is delicate on the brushes and squeeze an amount onto the palm of my hands.
5. I grab the selected brush and start swirling it into the shampoo, then rinse and repeat till no more product is coming out of the brush.
6. This is time consuimg if you have a lot of brushes, in these images are only a selected few!
7. Once they have all been washed, I stand them up on a towel, propped up against the wall, with the bristles facing down. This allows the water to drip down onto the towel instead of collecting itself into the base of the brushes and softening the glue.
8. And that's that! My brushes normally take about a day to dry so I do this early morning after I've use them so they are fresh the next morning.

How do you clean your brushes? 

New P R O D U C T S

20 January 2015

So... I treated myself today, in a sensible way and I didn't break the bank! I've heard a lot of good comments for Makeup Revolution and so far, I only have 2 of their products, but another 2 are on their way to me! 

First up is the Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer. I did get the lightest shade to combat the dark circles are to create some highlight and dimension back into my skin once I've used foundation. 

Second is the matte lipstick! This only cost £1 and it is in the shade Divine. The shade is a beautiful peach, I have quickly tried out this product and the pigmentation is amazing, considering the price.

And finally I picked up some new foundation, as my Rimmel London has unfortunately became empty. This foundation is in the shade 52, and it is perfect for my yellow undertoned skin. 

Have you treated yourself lately? If so... to what? 


F o r e v e r Product L o v e

19 January 2015

I think its evidently clear that everyone has a few products that they love and repurchase again and again. Lately I've been buying products that I have heard good reviews about. Before I purchase a product I will always hunt for the reviews, especially if its a high end product, this is because I want to know what my money is going to be worth. The products pictured above are just a few that repurchase as well as the products that I plan on doing so in the near future.
Urban Decay Naked Palette 3;
I don't own the other Naked Palettes, purely because I wasn't too adventurous with my eye shadow. I always stuck to the neutral mattes and occasionally the odd sweep of shimmer on my eyelid. However this palette I thought I would try, and I am so pleased with it. The shades are very pigmented. I have green eyes and I was concerned that none of this shades were going to compliment me, but luckily they do and seeing other makeup looks with different eye colours, they seem to suit all. My favourite shades would probably be, Limit, Nooner and Blackheart. The deep purple tones are so beautiful and the looks created are endless!
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette;
As I mentioned above that I wasn't very adventurous with my eye shadow looks, this palette is perfect for those people as well as those that are just beginning. You can create many looks out of this palette, from natural to dramatic. Its compact which is perfect for the average sized makeup bag.
M.A.C Paint Pot Soft Ochre;
This product I can't live without. I don't have red eyelids, however they can appear quite dark and some veins are quite apparent. So to combat this, this product conceals those imperfection. As well as this it is a great base for eye shadow which prevents it fading and creasing.

Maybelline Brow Drama;
I don't know about you, but my eyebrows without this stuff, go crazy! My eyebrow hairs are long, so using this product, combing the brow mascara through them keeps them neat and tidy. However I have started trimming my eyebrows now, to help the brow mascara out slightly. I have this product in medium brown, and I would say my eyebrows are quite dark, this shade though, is ideal.
Sleek Eyebrow Kit;
Originally I wanted the Benefit Brow Zings but I wasn't sure on spending over £20 for the product. I understand there is a lot of product there, however me being myself, I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. The Sleek Eyebrow Kit is the perfect alternative. I've had this for 7 months now, I've barely used it up! I don't fill my brows in at the front, so I guess the product usage is minimal.
Topshop Cream Blusher Head Over Heels;
The perfect consistency and perfectly applied with a stippling blush. This looks gorgeous with a tan and a hint of highlighter above. Also, this looks great on foundation that looks dewy and un-powdered. So far this product has been purchased twice, and no doubt it will be again.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour;
I always change up my foundation, I have my favourite which I do go back to. I do like to try out the different bases. The consistency of this foundation is very quick, so you don't need a lot of product which is a bonus as it lasts longer. I do normally struggle with the drugstore foundations, as they are pink toned and skin is very yellow toned. Bourjois do an amazing variety of shades for the more yellow toned skin which I have tried and gone back to many times, however the coverage just isn't enough. I am almost out of this product, but again it will be repurchased again, once I've been adventurous and willing to try out another foundation!
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder;
I don't think I could ever spend a lot of money on powder, as I use it so often! I do have an oily T-zone which I'm not a fan of. I regularly top up through the day and this has been the only powder i've stuck with, as its cheap and has a lot of product. I always get the shade transparent as it I don't need any more coverage to my base, just enough product to cover up the oils!
M.A.C Pink Pearl Pop;
In one of my previous posts, I mentioned my love for the pink lip - if you are looking for a glossy and very pink toned lipstick... here it is. Not only does it suit pretty much everyone, it tastes really nice. Not that I eat it, but its not an unpleasant taste on my lips! (hah) This was my first ever product that I have purchased from M.A.C and I wasn't at all displeased. This shade looks elegantly pretty with a bronzed base and a neutral eye look.

What are your repurchased/most loved products?



18 January 2015

Hello all,
 A couple of days ago I was checking my comments on my posts and I noticed that Emma Louise kindly nominated me this award. To start with I was very curious as to what it is, and after visiting Emma's page and doing some googling I found out what its all about and now I feel very happy about it!

For those of you who I nominate and you aren't aware of what it is, basically I believe it helps new bloggers become more known to others and it is a great way of getting yourself out there! So take it as a compliment and be positive about it!

Continuing on from Emma's post, the rules are:

1. Link to the person who nominated you (see above).

2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Notify all nominees via their social-media/blogs.

And Emma's questions are;

1. Why did you start blogging?
For a while I have thought about blogging, however I didn't think I would be that good at it. I've been part of viewing bloggers since I was about 15, I never used my blog to post my own stuff, I simply used it as a reader and to keep me updated on my favourite bloggers. I'm involved in anything creative and recently the past month I just thought that I spend so much of my time reading blogs, why not actually start my own blog? Luckily there is so much positive feedback out there, and so many tips on what posts to write if you ever feel stuck etc!

2. What is your favourite memory?
Now that is rather difficult, I have many. Any fun holiday that I have shared with my loved ones, or any day out. My favourite memory so far though, would probably be when me and my boyfriend went to Fuerteventura and spent the whole day on buggies up in the mountains. The scenery there was breath taking and very historical, it felt like I went back in time, thousands of years ago as the places we stopped at had been there for such a long time, the buildings were all intact and beautiful.

3. Who inspires you?
My family definitely inspires me. My parents have also stuck by me, and every single member in my family has had some sort of struggle in their life, and seeing each one of them get through it and succeed has made me realise that no matter what hurdle I reach in life, if I keep going I can succeed and to always do what you love.

4. Where would be your ideal first date?
Somewhere cute, I like to chat a lot and get to know people well, I wouldn't mind a coffee shop, is nowhere different as such but its cheap and cheerful and a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease in!

5. What is your favourite book?
Oh, this is also so difficult, considering I'm a book worm! I have a kindle and commute to work everyday on the train so I've always got a book to read. However, my favourite would be Kevin Brooks, Road of the Dead. I'm a lover for a crime! This book is about a murder but also it is quite surreal which is my ideal read.

6. What is your favourite high street shop?
TOPHOP! It is very pricey sometimes though, but there are some serious gems in there! I can't wear jeans anywhere else really besides there, and their petite section is perfect for my 5ft 1 frame.

7. Do you have a favourite blog post you have written or are most proud of?
Skincare for Combination Skin, I spent a long time on this post and skincare is something I will always stick to everyday, for the rest of my life! I did have oily skin and I've managed to calm it with the products I mentioned. 

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Well, for that I am unaware really. I know for a fact I will still be here writing weekly on this blog as it provides me with so much enjoyment which I crave. I'm currently studying CILEx, I work at a law firm where I deal with uninsured loss recovery. Maybe in 5 years I'll qualify and specialise in the particular part of law I want to do. Who knows! But it is an opportunity. 

9. What is something that really gets on your nerves?
Inconsideration and impatience. I know everyone can have this side to them in certain ways, but if I'm unaware of something and need help and the person trying to provide me help is being inconsiderate and impatient... that's it for me! 

10. Do you have a favourite blog/blogger?
Surprisingly no... 

11. What is something you are proud of?
I'm proud of this blog so far, I started this properly 5 weeks ago, I have reached 90 followers which I am incredibly proud of. There are some really great people on here.

The 11 blogger I nominate are;

And the questions are;
1. What is your favourite magazine?
2. What is your go-to lipstick?
3. If you had to leave the house only wearing one make up item, what would it be?
4. Best movie you have seen recently?
5. Do you have a favourite blogger?
6. Why did you start blogging?
7. What is your favourite make up brand?
8. Do you have any pets? If so what are they?
9. How do you spend your weekends?
10. What is your best advice for people?
11. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?



15 January 2015

Skincare isn't everyone's taste. I know for a fact my mum loves her facial creams, but when it comes to removing that makeup she either sleeps in it or just uses her make up wipes! However, she has had good skin all her life. My dad on the other hand, absolutely loves a good old face mask here and there but he is a believer in treating your body and skin well. 

I've been quite lucky, I've never had acne prone skin, I just get the odd spot on my chin now and then. Unfortunately when I hit puberty I started to notice a change in my skin, it was oily. I looked in the mirror and my T-zone was shiny! At the age of 14 when all this began I wasn't wearing any face make up, just the odd flick of eyeliner and mascara and I didn't even have a clue about hiding the oils or even settling them.

After a while it does become annoying because I did have a fringe and that would become greasy so quick (yikes!) So I set off into boots and found some products that would help my skin. From them on I cleansed, toned and moisturised every morning and every night religiously since then and I turn 20 soon! 

The last 2 years I have been using Botanics from boots, and my skin has calmed down so much! I don't want to change my cleanser or toner because I'm too scared, as the oil on my face no longer really exists! I do however chop and change my moisturiser and face wash.

Above is the products I use from everyday to a few times a week. The Botanics products are the cleansing cream and the cleansing toner, which do everything they say, they also don't feel too tightening or too thick on the skin. If I've been wearing waterproof mascara which we all know is a pain to remove, I use the Botanics eye make up remover, its oil based so it does help get rid of the stubborn leftovers!

You may notice the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, after the rave about the Bioderma, well I didn't want to fork out much money at the time and I was happy with my current products until Garnier released a dupe! It is so gentle on the skin and once its gone, I will be buying another!

As for face wash, I use this for times where I am lazy with my skincare... but not lazy enough to not remove any make up! I use Nivea Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash alongside with my No7 exfoliating brush which together help remove dead skin cells that have been building up on my skin (not nice!)
 I probably do this twice a week to keep my oily skin at bay and plus I just love the feeling of a squeaky clean face!

As for the moisturiser, I do change this up regularly as mentioned above but at the moment it is Garnier Soft Essentials, which does the job. Under my make up I do often add the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream before my foundation, which add the perfect dewy glow.

And that's about it!

Tell me, have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?


The P I N K L I P

14 January 2015

Everyone has their preference of that certain lip colour that they just adore.
No matter how many shades you have similar to it... its just a necessity to yourself.
After all its your favourite and the one that suits you best.

I seem to have a huge love for the pink lip!
The benefits of this shade is that it will go with every make up look you try.
Whenever I have an issue with my make up look, and I'm undecided about what shade of lipstick to wear this is my go to!

As you can see there are a good amount of selected shades of pink however this isn't all of them!

The products listed are;

Seventeen; Saintly

Rimmel London Kate; 16

Rimmel London Kate; 101

Maybelline Color Drama; Minimalist

Collection 2000 Cream Puff; Cotton Candy

LOOK BEAUTY Lipslick; Powder Puff

MAXFACTOR Lip Infinity; 340

What is your special shade of lipstick? 


B r o n z e r s && H i g h l i g h t e r s

13 January 2015

When it comes to bronzers and highlighters it's quite often that they are too orange or simply too  muddy looking which to be honest, both of those aren't a natural go to look. My skin tone is olive, but it isn't very tanned... its more of a pale olive which makes my life quite difficult when it comes to bronzers and highlighters. I strictly can not have a pink tone highlighter on my face... it definitely works against my olive skin leaving me looking a bit meh!

However this post is devoted to those bronzers and highlighters who compliment your skin, now they might not be everyone's taste but if you're like me, then give them go!

 Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder;
I have been using this product on and off for the past year it isn't a bronzer I contour with as for me it can start looking muddy, so this is definitely the type of product that I tend to use with a big fluffy brush to give my skin some warmth.

Sleek Contour Palette
This is my favourite product for contouring, and the highlighter and blush is a beautiful combination and also bronzes the skin. I apply this using the Real Techniques Contour Brush lightly and build depending on the desired look.

M.A.C Soft & Gentle
This product isn't a bronzer it is a highlighter but the prettiest and most pigmented highlighter I own. I used this consistently when I went on holiday last year as it looks so beautiful with a tan!
Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer
I picked this item up brand new at a carboot sale! A woman there sold all sorts of make up from high end to drugstore and this I believe is around £12, I paid about £7 for it! To start with the bronzer had a lovely pink highlight in the middle which has now disappeared due to use. I do like this bronzer, it has two shades and I tend to just swirl my brush around and pick up both shades, however this isn't very pigmented and I use it more for a quick flush of warmth to my skin.

17 Shimmer Brick
This product is very shimmery however if applied with a lighthand you do get a nice glow. The top two shades can be used as a highlighter also so you have two products in one! I often use this as an eyeshadow quad too which compliments my green eyes.
So have you tried any of these bronzers & highlighters? If so what are your thoughts?


12 January 2015

I've just discovered the coolest place to take pictures for my outfit posts... and that would be where I live. This place is basically an abandoned malt factory, I currently live in a restoration and it is full of character. Also I'm lucky enough to live on a quay and I get to see cute swans everyday, not bad huh?

Excuse the serious face, but I guess it fits the mood of the image? In case you haven't wondered how tall I am, I only stand at 5ft 1, I am tiny! 

 The jeans I am wearing in this image I managed to pick up in the Topshop sale for only £25, much more appealing than their average £40 price mark. Also the scuba material top is also from Topshop.

I do live in these shoes, they are easy to walk in and they give me a couple more inches of height and believe it or not they are only from Primark!

The scarf is from Matalan and the coat is from Glamorous which I picked up a year ago now, however it has served me well and I've struggled to find a new one similar so this is for keeps for a little while longer!

& finally me looking quite happy with the cute swans.



11 January 2015

 Hello all, I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend. Unfortunately it is over again and it's back to work for a lot of us tomorrow. To make the most of what I have left of my Sunday I thought I would be productive and write up a post. I wanted to keep this look neutral but also for those to know I did make some effort. I don't wear false eyelashes everyday, they are more of a staple I like to add when I am getting carried away with my make up. 

Face; M.A.C Pro Longwear Foundation.
Rimmel London, Stay Matte Powder.
Bourjois Paris Bronzer.
Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette.

Eyes; MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre.
Naked Basics Palette.
L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes.
Eyelure NO 101 Lashes.
Sleek Eyebrow Kit.

Lips; Nivea Pure & Natural Milk & Honey Lip Balm.
M.A.C lipstick in Vegas Volt.



7 January 2015

Evening lovelies,
I haven't had much luck with parcels the past 2 weeks unfortunately. I would of loved to made a post about what I've recently purchased, but so far... they haven't turned up "Sad Face".
However I've just had a browse on Topshop and though I would put together a wishlist. There is some staple items to jazz up the simple skirt and tee, but also the outfit has been muted down with the beautiful nude boots. 

No.1  Boucle Patch Pocket Pelmet Skirt

No.2  Tube Mesh Necklace

No.3  Scallop Striped Tee
(View Here)

No.4  Matte Lip Bullet in Get Me Bodied
(View Here)

No.5  Mirror Cut-Out Boots
(View Here)

No.6  Saffiano Satchel
(View Here)


5 January 2015

Hello lovelies, I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I have noted my absence but I have taken my time off work to just spend concentrating on myself and family. However, I am back with a post which I think is crucial for helping anybody out this 2O15.

I often browse Pinterest looking for Wise Words to help boost my mood, inspire me or just relate to my current emotions, so here are a few images from Pinterest which I think are worth taking on board and helping you through anything that comes, this year.






These images depict my New Years Resolutions in some ways.

I need to be more positive and to stop underestimating myself.
I would like to commit myself to this blog, I need to do more of the things that I enjoy.
& I want to surround myself with happiness that I believe I can achieve with those I love dearly.

FYI; all images are from Pinterest, they are not mine.
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