The Thortons Chocolate Brownie

25 January 2015

 I spotted this mixture in Asda the other day and I felt like baking something easy but tasty at the same time! These are definitely both of those and make the perfect cheeky snack.

All you need is this mixture as 2 medium eggs and 60g of unsalted butter.

Preparation Instructions;

  • Preheat thew oven to 170'c and grease your square tin which you would like to use.
  • Place the 60g of unsalted butter into a microwaveable bowl and also add 2/3 of the chocolate chunks that come with the mixture. 
  • Melt the butter and chocolate chunks in the microwave for about 60 seconds, stirring regularly till the mixture has fully melted.
  • Grabbing another bowl and empty the contents of the brownie mix sachet and the 2 eggs. Stir until fully blended. 
  • Fold in the melted butter and chocolate chunks mixture into the brownie mix and transfer to the square tin. 
  • Add the remaining chocolate chunks, scattering them on the mixture at random. 
  • Bake the brownies in the over for 20 minutes.

Ta - dah!



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