24 January 2015

So I jumped on the bandwagon, after doing a lot of review reading, I decided to purchase the blush palettes. After all they look so irresistible! 

Above is the Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar;
I have tried only two shades out of this palette, and I have to say... they are incredibly pigmented! So do not go overboard... I did do that without thinking! I can't wait to get a tan and use these shades most in the summer, for that glow!

Above is the Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice;
Again, one sweep of this product on your brush is enough! I tried the darkest shade, and went a bit too blush happy! I can't believe how pigmented these shades are, it makes me very happy knowing this, because the product will then last and for the price of just £6 each, when most blushes from the drugstores cost that for one! It is amazing. Some blushers have flecks of highlighter in them too, to add a glowy sheen!

Do you own these products or any of Makeup Revolution? What are your thoughts?



  1. The Sugar and Spice Palette has such bright and pigmented colours! ^ ^

  2. Chelsea, I can't believe i've only just found your blog! I love it, such a pretty layout and your photos are great too! I really need to get some MUR things, so many people rave about them. I've followed you on bloglovin' as I couldn't find you on Google friend connect
    Love, Jessica x


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