New P R O D U C T S

20 January 2015

So... I treated myself today, in a sensible way and I didn't break the bank! I've heard a lot of good comments for Makeup Revolution and so far, I only have 2 of their products, but another 2 are on their way to me! 

First up is the Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer. I did get the lightest shade to combat the dark circles are to create some highlight and dimension back into my skin once I've used foundation. 

Second is the matte lipstick! This only cost £1 and it is in the shade Divine. The shade is a beautiful peach, I have quickly tried out this product and the pigmentation is amazing, considering the price.

And finally I picked up some new foundation, as my Rimmel London has unfortunately became empty. This foundation is in the shade 52, and it is perfect for my yellow undertoned skin. 

Have you treated yourself lately? If so... to what? 



  1. Can't beat these lipstick's! One of my favourite shades as well. I've been meaning to try the concealer, what did you think of it?

    Katie xx


    1. It is so lovely! I'm still trying out the concealer, however it does do the job, I did get the lightest shade too! x

  2. I'm curious about the concealer too! is it any good? I've been looking a budget concealer!

    Owning Your Okayness

    1. It is good for the price! You can build it up, it's not too yellow or pink toned!


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