The chore of cleaning the B R U S H E S

24 January 2015

 I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate, I know hate is a strong word, but I hate cleaning my brushes. It is just another chore for me! But it has to be done, because I cannot stand doing my make up knowing that my brushes are clogged up with product... yuck.

So I'll just give you a step by step run down on how I clean them.

1. First up is grabbing a towel and laying it on the floor. Simple!
2. I fill up the sink in my bathroom with luke warm water.
3. I seperate my brushes into two categories; face and eyes.
4. I grab some baby shampoo as I think it is delicate on the brushes and squeeze an amount onto the palm of my hands.
5. I grab the selected brush and start swirling it into the shampoo, then rinse and repeat till no more product is coming out of the brush.
6. This is time consuimg if you have a lot of brushes, in these images are only a selected few!
7. Once they have all been washed, I stand them up on a towel, propped up against the wall, with the bristles facing down. This allows the water to drip down onto the towel instead of collecting itself into the base of the brushes and softening the glue.
8. And that's that! My brushes normally take about a day to dry so I do this early morning after I've use them so they are fresh the next morning.

How do you clean your brushes? 

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