The P I N K L I P

14 January 2015

Everyone has their preference of that certain lip colour that they just adore.
No matter how many shades you have similar to it... its just a necessity to yourself.
After all its your favourite and the one that suits you best.

I seem to have a huge love for the pink lip!
The benefits of this shade is that it will go with every make up look you try.
Whenever I have an issue with my make up look, and I'm undecided about what shade of lipstick to wear this is my go to!

As you can see there are a good amount of selected shades of pink however this isn't all of them!

The products listed are;

Seventeen; Saintly

Rimmel London Kate; 16

Rimmel London Kate; 101

Maybelline Color Drama; Minimalist

Collection 2000 Cream Puff; Cotton Candy

LOOK BEAUTY Lipslick; Powder Puff

MAXFACTOR Lip Infinity; 340

What is your special shade of lipstick? 


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  1. Lovely choices! I love pink lips but I think the red lip is my favourite! :)
    Alex //


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