23 June 2015

There are 3 Naked palettes to purchase besides from the 2 Basic palettes. This palette was my first purchase, I don't own any others, however I would like to eventually. There are many duplicates out there for their shades, but you can't beat the real thing when it comes down to their strong pigment and easy to blend formulas.

The Naked 3 palette introduces 12 new shades, some matte, pearl and metallic. The shades listed are;
Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackout.

Personally, I love all the shades, especially the darker ones for cut creases and a serious smokey eye. The great thing about this palette also, is that the looks are endless, you can go subtle or dramatic. I think Urban Decay were very brave releasing this only because of the shades are pink/purple toned unlike the other palettes there is a variety. The advantage to the similarity of these shades is that each shadow will compliment each other as they have the same underlying tones.

What do you think of the Naked 3 Palette?



22 June 2015

I have completely changed my skincare routine. This is very much unlike me, but my skin has recently decided to become very oily which I think is due to the change of the season as we are heading into Summer! Which is great, just not for my skin and for many others that suffer with excess oil.

My T-Zone is so oily, make up won't stay there unless I have used a matte foundation and a long wearing powder. As for my cheeks, they are so dry and they also can not withstand product. This doesn't make much sense to me, I'm not sure if my cheeks are trying to compensate for the lack of moisture therefore they are just absorbing the product, don't hold me to that silly theory.

So, as for the products, first up is the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean - it is a cleansing milk which melts away the majority of my make up, I splash warm water on my face, pump a few pumps into the palm of my hands and start rubbing this into my skin. I rinse and repeat, a couple of times a week for a deep cleanse, I use my No7 cleansing brush which reaches down into the pores of my skin getting rid of build up dirt and dead skin cells... kinda gross.

Seconds up, if I'm feeling lazy or my skin is having a bad oily day then I end up using Good Things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator which smells great seeing as it has papaya and licorice in it! If I use this too much though, it does dry out my skin - can't win. But it has no parabens which is good for me! It contains small beads which aren't too harsh but you just know they are scrubbing the dirt away.

Lastly is the finish touch to my skin. Even though I have oily skin, I do put an oil on it at night so my skin can soak up the goodness. I use the Body Shop Vitamin E oil, it smells lovely and you do not need to use a lot of this. It has lasted me since March and I have barely used any of it.

In the morning, again depending on how my skin is feeling that day, oily or not. If it has decided it wishes to be oily that day or I check the weather - sunny means a matte moisturiser which will stop me looking so shiny. Good Things Miracle Mattifier Lotion - this is insanely good. Again, I can't use it too often, otherwise my skin starts drying out so for those of you whose skin is incredibly oily, this is the product for you. It smells great again, and it keeps the shine away all day.

If my skin looks like it is lacking life, then I use Botanics Radiance Balm, which has a pearly finish to it. If you're wanting to achieve a dewy look, mix some of this with your foundation, it looks very natural but you still have all the coverage there.

What are your opinions on these products?

Chels xo


19 June 2015

I wear blusher all year round, but I do change up the shades depending on the seasons. Summer is coming round the corner, and I have already picked up my favourite blushers to use daily. I do go for more of a pink toned blusher, some with shimmer, some matte but it is a product I can't live without. It genuinely makes me look healthier. I love having a tan also, and there is nothing better than having a glowing tan and a hint of blusher on your cheeks - it just looks so pretty.

Above are my favourite blushers currently that I am using a lot of this month already;

Have you tried out these products?

Chels xo


16 June 2015

I think you are all aware if you read my blog, that I adore the shade pink when it comes to lipsticks. I'm sure many people out there have multiple shades of something that they love. It just grabs my attention like a magpie with shiny things - (that is not actually true though) I thought I would share with you 3 of my favourite lipsticks that I am currently wearing a lot!

1.  Kate Moss Shade #038 
I think a lot of people own Kate Moss's lipsticks, in which they should. Great value for money - £5.49 you really can't complain. The formula is creamy and it does last for a while, it is a shade that you don't need a mirror to apply it with as it easily glides on. This is definitely a muted pink with a hint of nude. This shade will suit anyone, as it is so wearable.

2.  Kate Moss Shade #034
For all the pink lovers, this is the perfect pink. Quite literally, you look at it, and simply think pink. Strange description I know, but I don't know how else to quite describe my love for this shade. This and shade #038 are new releases from Kate Moss, if you love shade 16 - peach undertone, then this shade is for you.

3.  TOPSHOP Nevada
To celebrate their 5 years of Beauty they released gold packaging, which looks beautiful so I had to purchase - of course. This was my first Topshop lipstick from their range and I am so impressed. The scent is lovely and very similar to MAC's and the formula is long lasting and creamy. This isn't so pink I know, more of a nude with pink undertones but it looks great with a tanned base.

4.  TOPSHOP Pillow Talk
Because I loved Nevada so much, I thought I would go ahead and try Pillow Talk, again the scent, formula, and the lasting of this product is amazing. They are £8.00 however they are worth every penny. The packaging is cute and simple and this shade is very pink, I'd say baby pink. This looks great teamed up with a smokey eye. 

Have you tried these shades?



15 June 2015

Fake tanning, is one of those routines where you are either amazing at committing to it, or you just aren't that bothered and you tend to make a hack job. I am so pale, but an olive pale and it's so difficult. However, recently I decided that as the weather has perked up and everyone is braving their bare legs I thought it was time to fake tan. 

I used to be awful at applying it, no matter how much I rubbed it in, I would somehow find a patch that I had missed. It was such a tedious routine that I resented. Recently Rimmel London released their new fake tan in a mousse applies so easily and effortlessly and I have read so many great reviews about this product so it is definitely worth purchasing and it is cheap also! It takes 1 hour to develop or if you would like a darker tan, you can leave it on longer for your desired look.

So the fake tanning routine goes like this;

1. First up, you need to exfoliate, I used an exfoliating glove which is my opinion are easiest to use. Make sure you pay attention to the dry areas where the fake tan will cling on to e.g. wrists, elbows, knees and your ankles.

2. I always moisturise, especially paying attention to the dry areas again, The application is more even and the moisturiser acts a base in my opinion. I have found it works great for me, and not so great if I don't moisturise.

3. Now it's the application of the fake tan, I use a mit and I squirt 2 pumps each time, but the left over product I use that to apply to the dry areas. I can never get to my back, so that's a job for my boyfriend. Finally, I apply moisturiser again to the dry areas, as I am so cautious with those. 

4. Run around completely naked till the product is dry. Obviously that is a joke, unless you really want to do that, but I just throw on some loose fitted clothes, like my pjs! You can either wash it off in an hour, or go to bed with the product on and rinse off in the morning. It is up to you!

Do you have any fake tanning tips?



13 June 2015

Who doesn't love a good Topshop wishlist? I have been window shopping lately, I am sad because I still have 2 weeks left till payday, but wishing and dreaming will have to do for now! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have many posts for next week xo

1. Sating Thong

2. Petite MOTO Vintage MOM Jeans

3. Zip Front Tote Bag

4. Petite Striped Crop Top

5. Marching Elephant Necklace

6. Silk Balconette Bra

7. Fickle Ghillie Lace Up Flats

8. Lipstick Rio Rio


10 June 2015

This month Birchbox teamed up with Fenech Sole and they released 3 beautifully designed boxes! I opted for the floral box of course! As well 5 great samples, they have included a Fenech Sole shoe bag in the same print as the select box design. This box is absolutely beautiful and the selection of samples are again, like every month - excellent.

Below are the products listed and a quotation from Birchbox of each product.

1.  English Laundry No. 7 For Her EDP

Long known for his line of men’s scents, Christopher Wick of English Laundry tweaked his No. 7 blend just for the ladies. Bright and fruity, the result is both flirty and fun, grounded with alluring hints of masculine musk. 50ml

2.  Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
So many beauty products focus on making your look good, but don't protect from damage. Enter Beauty Protector, whose range consists of super caring must-haves that really protect! This lightweight sweetly scented hair oil shields against UV rays and heat damage. Even better, hair never feels heavy or stiff after using it and it works on all hair types.
3.  Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil
Nude is a high tech skincare range created by two well-known names – Ali Hewson (founder of Edun and wife of U2's Bono) and Bryan Meehan (creator of Fresh & Wild) – which aims to feed the skin with essential nutrients. This oil contains omegas 3,6,7 and 9 and promises to transform your skin and reduce the signs of ageing, with quick results. What's more, it's a completely vegan oil and free of parabens, sulphates and phthalates. As well as being packed with omega, it also contains 10 carefully selected plant oils that hydrate and smooth your skin. A truly nourishing daily treat. 30ml.
4.  ModelCo® Powerlash Black Mascara
Gorgeous, full, luxurious lashes are yours with this Power Lash mascara – the newest from ModelCo. It's a mascara with staying power, giving your lashes a little more oomph and a lot more drama with its intensely black pigment. The formula glides on smoothly and draws each lash out to show-stopping size – the unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest of lashes. 10ml.
5.  Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Body Lotion
So, your alarm has gone off, you’ve made it out of bed (just!) and you’re struggling to deal with the fact that the weekend isn’t yet in sight. We feel ya! When you’re burnt out and longing for the extra hour in bed, the Cowshed Knackered Cow range will lift you out of exhaustion and into the real world thanks to its blend of calming lavender and uplifting eucalyptus. Post-shower, slather on the Knackered Cow Body Lotion to awaken your senses while the finest shea and cocoa butters work to moisturise and tone the skin.
 6.  STYLondon Metallic Tattoos
There's quite a bit of overlap between the times we'd like to rock some extra sparkle and the times we’re most likely to damage a necklace or lose an earring back: at a music festival, during an all-night party, or enjoying some sun on that tropical vacation. These metallic temporary tattoos let us add some extra shine to our look - without the risk of losing an heirloom on the dance floor or tarnishing our favourite necklace at the pool.

 If you're thinking about joining Birchbox then I highly recommend it.  For £10.00 a month plus £2.95 delivery, you really can't go wrong!

Much love



3 June 2015

I have wondered, often what my face must be worth. This is not in any way bragging, it is purely out of my curiosity and for others to see what products I use frequently for my simple everyday look. Every day I apply the same products, often changing them up but I tend to leave my weekends for experimenting with make up looks, just in case it goes wrong and I don't have the time to fix the errors. So the every day products are pricing is as follows;

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation - £13.50
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - £17.00
Maybelline Matte Maker - £3.99
Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzer - £6.49
Urban Decay Naked Basics - £23.00
Sleek Eyebrow Kit - £8.49
Benefit They're Real Mascara - £19.50
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Soft & Gentle - £23.00
Mac Lip Liner Soar - £12.50
Mac Lipstick Twig - £15.50
Make Up Revolution Setting Spray - £5.00

Total - £149.97...

I wasn't expecting that to be honest. That is quite pricey, and I don't know how I feel about it! Ha!

What is your face worth?

Chels xo


1 June 2015

- an outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something.
"she traced the contours of his face with her finger"

Seriously, the whole contouring has a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon. If you haven't yet tried it, I highly recommend that you do. Not only does contouring define your features after you have muted them with a base of foundation, it can make you appear to look younger. Think about it, that particular shade of brown powder or cream you're putting on your face, place that below your cheekbones, temples, sides of your nose, below the jawline and you already have a defined and put together face which has already lifted those features and to complete, dusting a light highlighter above the contour. Ta - dah.

There are many contour products out there that you can experiment with. Below I have noted the products that I think are great for achieving the defined look.

  • First up is Bourjois Bronzing Powder - this is a bronzer, however with the right tone of foundation and a light hand, you can get a subtle contour from this product. However you have to be careful not to over do it, otherwise it will look muddy, blending is your best friend with this product.

  • Clinique Contour Chubby Stick, this is a high end product, but it is worth it! It is a cream consistency, so it glides on like a dream. At first when you apply, it looks absolutely terrifying, but grab a flat top brush and stippling the product in, and it looks flawless. I wouldn't recommend buffing this product side to side, or in circles, only because you then lose the defined contour and it will simply look like a bronzed look. 

  • Sleek Contour Kit with blusher, this was my first ever contour product, I adored it at the time, however now, after experimenting with other products I am not so keen. The highlight is very poor and the contour does look very muddy and it isn't the easiest product to blend either. As for the blush, it is beautiful, but doesn't show up very much on my skin tone.

  • Lastly, a recent purchase is the Barry M Contour Kit. I wasn't keen on buying as I don't particular like Barry M, only for their Nail Polishes and the occasional lipstick however I wish I purchased this gem earlier. The packaging is okay, that is one thing I wouldn't mark high up for, I prefer products that are encased securely in plastic instead of cardboard as it can start to take a battering in my make up bag. As for the product itself, everything is a 5 out of 5. It comes with a highlighter and 2 brown shades, the middle one for bronzing up the face and the last shade, being the darkest is your contour. I thought this product might be an absolute nightmare to blend, but I am proved wrong, as it just blends into the skin so nicely. If you haven't yet purchased, go and do it.

Have you tried these products? Any contour product recommendations? 

Chels x


Recently, I have purchased a lot of make up...which involved me also taking a trip to MAC to see what tickled my fancy. For a while I have been consistently thinking about a new concealer that is quite heavy duty which still feels kind of light on the face. Also I was keen on purchasing a new lipstick, as you can't go into MAC and leave without one! All their formulas are lovely and creamy to wear.

I left MAC with 3 products! I didn't break the bank that much, but for those 3 products I did spent £45.00 which was kind of ouch but the happiness covered that all shortly after. I have owned MAC's Pro Long Wear foundation in NW20 and this is my "special" foundation that I use on "special occasions" as it lasts on my oily/combination skin for ages! To complete that, I decided I would try MAC's Pro Long Wear concealer, I informed the girl in there that I would like something lighter to go under the eye, to cancel out the dark circles but also to highlight the area. I picked up NC20, a cooler tone but it works beautifully under the eye area, I apply this in a triangle like shape under my eye and blend with a damp beauty blender - perfect combination.

As for that lipstick I was talking about earlier, there are many popular shades that have inspired many of us thanks to Kylie Jenner. That 90's lip trend is going strong. I was searching for a lip colour similar and I noticed Twig looked ideal. However I wanted a lip liner to match of course... so I also picked up Soar. I am so pleased with this combination as it lasts for hours, seriously. I applied at 9 AM and it was still sitting comfortably in it's best state hours later! Normally I have to reapply many lipsticks, which obviously results in getting through the product quickly. With MAC this does not happen.

Have you tried these products? Any recommendations or your favourites from MAC?

Chels xo
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