19 June 2015

I wear blusher all year round, but I do change up the shades depending on the seasons. Summer is coming round the corner, and I have already picked up my favourite blushers to use daily. I do go for more of a pink toned blusher, some with shimmer, some matte but it is a product I can't live without. It genuinely makes me look healthier. I love having a tan also, and there is nothing better than having a glowing tan and a hint of blusher on your cheeks - it just looks so pretty.

Above are my favourite blushers currently that I am using a lot of this month already;

Have you tried out these products?

Chels xo


  1. I love the look of the sugar and spice pallet! I just ordered it! (so happy it shipped to the US) The blushes look gorgeous, can't wait to try!

    Audra Koch |

  2. What beautiful blush palettes :)

  3. Those blush palettes are gorgeous! I'm a fan of the Bourjois blushes too but I need to try those palettes out.Anyway, I love your blog (especially the photos) and I'd like to include you in my "blogs I've been loving post" later in the month. If that's ok then please let me know on my most recent post. My blog is pink xoxo


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