1 June 2015

Recently, I have purchased a lot of make up...which involved me also taking a trip to MAC to see what tickled my fancy. For a while I have been consistently thinking about a new concealer that is quite heavy duty which still feels kind of light on the face. Also I was keen on purchasing a new lipstick, as you can't go into MAC and leave without one! All their formulas are lovely and creamy to wear.

I left MAC with 3 products! I didn't break the bank that much, but for those 3 products I did spent £45.00 which was kind of ouch but the happiness covered that all shortly after. I have owned MAC's Pro Long Wear foundation in NW20 and this is my "special" foundation that I use on "special occasions" as it lasts on my oily/combination skin for ages! To complete that, I decided I would try MAC's Pro Long Wear concealer, I informed the girl in there that I would like something lighter to go under the eye, to cancel out the dark circles but also to highlight the area. I picked up NC20, a cooler tone but it works beautifully under the eye area, I apply this in a triangle like shape under my eye and blend with a damp beauty blender - perfect combination.

As for that lipstick I was talking about earlier, there are many popular shades that have inspired many of us thanks to Kylie Jenner. That 90's lip trend is going strong. I was searching for a lip colour similar and I noticed Twig looked ideal. However I wanted a lip liner to match of course... so I also picked up Soar. I am so pleased with this combination as it lasts for hours, seriously. I applied at 9 AM and it was still sitting comfortably in it's best state hours later! Normally I have to reapply many lipsticks, which obviously results in getting through the product quickly. With MAC this does not happen.

Have you tried these products? Any recommendations or your favourites from MAC?

Chels xo


  1. I must admit I still don't own a single MAC product. I won a lipstick (and I picked the colour) but as it was online I ended up HATING the colour and gave it away. I need to get some more to try but I don't think I could ever justify it!! I am the biggest cheapskate EVER!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Being a cheapskate is not bad at all! There are a lot of products I will not buy because of the price! I subscribed to Birchbox so I can try smaller samples of the higher range products :) x

  2. this lipstick is such a gorgeous shade! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  3. I really need to get Twig. It's such a gorgeous shade!
    Jennie Emma


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