June Favourites

30 June 2016

I must say this month I haven't purchased anything new as I have been on a spending ban because realistically I do need to save and I thought it would be nice to actually rediscover some love for some products that I might of accidentally forgotten about? Come on we all do this once and a while!

Bondi Sands | FAKE TANNING

23 June 2016

So I don't know about you, but I do love the sun but I just hate the damage it causes to my skin and is it really worth it? When you can achieve a sun kissed glow from a bottle? I think it is a no brainer really! However it does require some effort, but it takes about 30 minutes for me with a routine which is a lot quicker than laying on a sunbed or baking your skin outside for hours on end.


21 June 2016

Skincare is so important to me, I cannot go away on holiday or even just stay somewhere else whether it is a hotel or round a friends without my skincare routine it simply just doesn't get missed out from the equation. I have always been told to look after my skin and after all you do only get one face so you may as well treat it well.

YOUTUBERS | What I eat in a day

15 June 2016

Recently I have been addicted to watching "What I Eat In A Day" type of videos on Youtube and honestly I am starting to find them so relaxing to watch and not only that, they are inspiring me to eat better most of the time, despite the fact that I do have a bag of M&M's right next to me...but everyone deserves a treat once in a while...oops.


2 June 2016

Matte lips, liquid lipsticks they are all the rage lately and if you haven't purchased either of the two you need to because it will change your makeup game completely. I am completely obsessed with NYX recently and it is fair to say that from what social media is showing many others are too! The brand is so affordable yet the quality is incredible.
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