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15 June 2016

Recently I have been addicted to watching "What I Eat In A Day" type of videos on Youtube and honestly I am starting to find them so relaxing to watch and not only that, they are inspiring me to eat better most of the time, despite the fact that I do have a bag of M&M's right next to me...but everyone deserves a treat once in a while...oops.

And so I thought I would share with you the Youtubers that make these specific videos and I really do hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do. In each video you can see the amount of time and effort spent into these videos. Madeleine Shaw also has a recipe book which you can purchase here which I have recently purchased myself as well as Aine Carlin's which is also here. So if you're a fan of smoothies, creative food and perhaps thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan then the below links would be great for you to check out.

1. JessBeautician - Youtube link here
2. ThrivingOnPlants - Youtube link here
3. Niomi Smart - Youtube link here
4. Madeleine Shaw - Youtube link here

Do you like to watch these videos? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other suggestions!

Chedsneh xo 


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