28 January 2016

A good highlighter is absolutely crucial if you are seeking a great glow when you are being captured in the moment. 

Highlighting has been so new to me, only last year I decided to join the majority and wonder what it is all about. So far I can say I am addicted and my make up routine always consists of sweeping on that highlighter. But how do you apply it? And where? Apply it to the tops of your cheekbones with a fan brush or a small brush and apply lightly and if you wish to have more, build it up! Also down the center of your nose, chin and below the arches of your brow bone.

Problems with your bra? How about Bra-blems that we've got covered.

10 January 2016

Image source; Pinterest
There are so many pretty bras out there, but are they really practical? Kinda? Not really? No. 
I was recently introduced to ThirdLove and thought it would be a great idea to show you their guide on bra fit issues along with solutions! ThirdLove specialises in great fitting bras. They also have some fun resources on their site like lingerie care and a bra size chartIn this post I will cover all the those brablems which I have experienced and ways to battle them, and no matter what, whenever there is a chance where we no longer have to wear a bra, we rip it off in a second and release a huge sigh of relief.


6 January 2016

The base of your make up, the beginnings of your application to your routine but the question is, what product comes first? There is no right or wrong way to apply anything, surely there are the standard rules but you don't have to use every product for creating a great look. But if you are seeking a base that will last all day but is affordable and easy to follow then I think this post may help.


3 January 2016

I have been experimenting more with concealers, and you may be thinking how can you really experiment with something that is full coverage and in a small tube with an applicator? By experimenting I mean with the shades and how you apply it. A long time ago when I first discovered concealer I simply just swept a half circle under my eye and rubbed it in with my ring finger but I chose a shade that was the same colour as my foundation. Yes, it did get rid of the dark circles but it didn't look too great as it did create a deeper depth making it kind of look sunken?

All three of the concealers above I have been applying in the same way as I have found that it works so well. Instead of just applying a half circle under the eye, you want to create a downwards triangle. How you blend it into your skin is entirely up to you, a brush or your finger but I use a damp beauty blender with a dabbing motion and that is my desired look.

As for the shade of concealer I earlier mentioned that I chose a shade that was the same colour as my foundation - kinda wrong. Always go a shade lighter or two, not only do you want to banish those dark circles but you want to lift that under eye and give it dimension.

The concealers that I have been loving are NYX HD Concealer in YellowMaybelline Eraser Eye Concealer and finally MAC Pro Longwear Concealer which you need a tiny amount as it is full coverage and long wearing.

Have you tried these concealers? What are your thoughts?

Chedsneh xo

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