16 January 2018

Another skincare post? Yes. Of course, if you haven't yet discovered it already but skincare is my absolute fave! I've decided to make these products specifically for the evening to allow my skin to "regenerate" over night.

NARS Laguna Bronzer

9 January 2018

Everyone has a favourite product from each different category of make up right? I thought I would dedicate today's post on my love for NARS - Laguna Bronzer. 

Winter Blues Featuring a £5 Dress

7 January 2018

Can it be slightly warmer yet? Once Christmas is over, it feels necessary to book a holiday and then hibernate till it's time to go. But, no one should wish the days away for the sake of some warmer weather, so I retract the above and I am making the most of what I can do whilst it is cold.


3 January 2018

Skin care is my favourite, I just love having healthy skin and you can achieve that by eating healthy but also having a good regime and using the right products for your skin. I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising since I was 12 as my mum and dad have always told me it is really important to look after your skin. 

Beach Day, Cold Day

1 January 2018

And so we went to the beach, to be honest, it was freezing but at the time it seemed like a good idea to take some pictures. I have decided for quite a while that I need to incorporate different types of posts on my blog. Whilst I do enjoy all things beauty related, I feel like this new year I will try my best to be more adventurous. I have slightly changed up my editing as I want more of a warm tone to my pictures. So here is my first post, on the first day of 2018.
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