Winter Blues Featuring a £5 Dress

7 January 2018

Can it be slightly warmer yet? Once Christmas is over, it feels necessary to book a holiday and then hibernate till it's time to go. But, no one should wish the days away for the sake of some warmer weather, so I retract the above and I am making the most of what I can do whilst it is cold.

Incase you were wondering, the above picture is me trying to look casual yet I am actually freezing deep inside. Seriously, I am trying to hide the aggressive shivering!

So I picked this coat up from isawitfirst for £12.00! In the sale, what a bargain though. I was quite worried though, as I am only 5ft whether or not I would look very silly wearing this coat. However I think it's okay and its actually like wearing a formal dressing gown, yet outside. So comfy. Purchase here.

This is the £5.00 dress, yes £5.00! Incredible right? I couldn't believe it was so cheap in the sale, and the quality isn't bad either. The dress is open at back and it ties up round the neck, I didn't show this part in the photos as it was very very cold. Unfortunately I also can't find this product on their website so it must of also sold out. This was also from isawitfirst, keep looking on their as it might appear!

The shoes are from asos, I could't find the exact ones, so I don't think they are sold anymore, however I have found some very similar on asos. These can be seen here. I'm actually enjoying these fashion related posts as it makes a nice change on my blog. I hope you are liking the content I am creating this new year.

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