28 May 2015

The perfect red lip huh? The shade red, can be a hard shade to wear sometimes but it isn't something to worry about anymore, as there are so many shades that will meet everyone's skin tone or desired look. I have pale olive skin, which is such a pain as some shades can make my skins hue look completely off balance. I have recently found some great shades which manage to complement my awkward skin tone which I am sharing with you in this post.

The shades in the image above are;

1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque - Feeling Ready

2. Rimmel London Moisture Renew - In Love With Ginger

3. Rimmel London Kate Moss - 110

4. Barry M Lip Liner - Red

I do prefer a matte finish, so the 110 is an excellent shade if that's the look you want to achieve. If you are more of a gloss gal, then Feeling Ready is your bestfriend, it is no sticky and it honestly feels so lightweight on your lips, you don't even feel it there!

Have you tried these shades?

Much love;

Chelsea xo


20 May 2015

Image ; Pinterest
Everyone, at some point has done, I understand that. It always strikes us when we are in that mood where everything seems like a huge amount of effort. "One night won't hurt" oh, but it does. Below are the reasons/consequences of that lazy habit.

1. You run the risk of your eyelashes breaking.
Eyelashes are so important. Think about the times you have occidentally pulled them out with your eyelash curler, how mortified you were?! If you go to sleep with the leftover mascara, your eyelashes are not in their natural state, allowing the excess mascara to harden and make the eyelashes become brittle and stiff - enabling breakage.

2. Your eyes can become irritated.
I don't know about you, but the times I have done it - not many by the way - I have woken up with the itchiest eyes! Think about the leftover particles from mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner etc, just shedding into your eye. This could run the risk of an infection, as the eyes are very sensitive.

3. Your pores become clogged.
Wearing make up all day isn't the best thing for your skin, however you can subside this by giving your skin TLC in the morning and evening. However, some foundation can clog the pores, making skin prone to breakout which nobody desires. Spots can last for days, where as taking your make up off can take only a few minutes. I know which one I'd rather have.

4. Your skin has no over night recovery.
Beauty sleep is a real thing! The simple things are what really helps, for example water is great for keeping your skin hydrated and having that healthy glow! As for that beauty sleep, it is strictly crucial for allowing the skin to recover, which it can not do if there is leftover make up in the way, clogging the pores. Make sure you're also having enough sleep, as lacking it can heighten the risk of ageing.

5. Your bed sheets become filthy.
Not a good look for your face or your pretty bed sheets hey?  You're just creating more work for yourself. Not only do you now have to remove the smeared make up, but you now have to wash the bed sheets a few days earlier? No thank you, I would much rather take that time to simply remove my make up before I hit the sack!

6. You don't fully relax.
This may not include everyone, but the times I have gone to sleep with my make up on. I feel this huge sense of guilt. Pure guilt to my skin. I may be asleep but my mind is ticking away, not fully resting as I am still aware of the consequences I will be waking up to in the morning.

Hope you found this helpful!

Much love;


14 May 2015

Good evening,

I thought I would do a post on homeware, seeing as I love interior design! I am moving home too, I am leaving my beloved little flat by the Quay for a home with a big garden, which does need some TLC but you can all follow that little journey with me. Looking at homeware is just like browsing clothing websites. It is so lethal! But so fun and inspiring, I think it is better shopping online for homeware, seeing as you can really visualise all the items together. I hope you enjoy this little wish list. Products are stated below!

1. Willis & Gambier Camille High End Bedstead, Natural Linen, Super Kingsize

2. Large Wire Basket

3. George Home Grey Hare Ornament

4. Cushion cover with embroidery

5. George Home Cream Mirror

6. Cotton cushion cover

7. George Home Copper Effect Fan Ornament

8. John Lewis Bailey Chair, Price Band E, Sanderson Varese Magenta

9. Pablo Picasso - Le Cheval, Framed Print, 40 x 50cm

Much love;


11 May 2015

Guys, I need help. Every time I venture out into town on my lunch breaks, I just spend money! I keep thinking about leaving my card at home, but then what about emergencies? What a dilemma! But as you can see, the products I purchased are pretty so... let's pass the spending issue.

I've recently purchased the No7 foundation in matte, however, the woman matched me up to cool ivory, at the time, I did mention my skin was yellow toned, and you know the artifical light in Boots, it just makes everything look... okay! SO I got it, next day I used it... great coverage... the colour... PINK! It looks ridiculous, my neck is yellow toned and then my face... pink. I can't deal with that! So I thought I would try Maybelline Super Stay 24 to mix with it a little bit.

Lately I have become lazy, I am not experimenting with my eyes a lot, and I miss wearing eyeshadow so I thought I would give The NUDES palette from Maybelline a go! In Superdrug, all the Maybelline products are two for £10 so make sure you grab at the offer as the palette on it's own is £9.99.

& finally, I purchased a new mascara, from Revlon and I have to say I am so disappointed as the price I paid for it, just leaves me with a spider legs look? Not good. So I picked up this Essence mascara I believe it was no more then £3.00, I read some good reviews on this, and this can't be worse than the Revlon one I previously purchased!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts!

Much love;
Chelsea xo


10 May 2015

Can you believe it? We are already in May. Half way through the year almost.

This month's Birchbox was incredible. Not only did you receive some great products, but you had the chance to "free your mind" and colour in the box! Which as your can see, I had a great time doing so! It took me a whole Saturday evening! 

Below are the products listed and a quotation from Birchbox of each product.

1.  Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge

We love a classic gloss as much as the next girl, but there’'s something about shine-free lips that gives our style a dash of modern chic. This lip colour from Aussie brand Mirenesse lets us rock the matte lip look in an on-trend, foolproof way. The mousse-like texture fills in fine lines for fuller-looking lips while a proprietary blend of Gel-lite technology delivers vibrant colour that won'’t fade or feather.

2.  Number 4 Lumiere d'Hiver Reconstructing Masque
Number 4's Lumiere d'Hiver Reconstructing Masque is packed with soy protein to reconstruct and strengthen; shea butter, jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed oil to nourish, condition and moisturise and silicone polymer to detangle and smooth. A beautiful treat for your locks, it's one of our favourites from this high performance brand.
3.  Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser
As skincare obsessives, there’s nothing we love more than a moisturiser with added benefits so when we heard that Caudalie had created an innovative new product combining our beloved Vinoperfect range with a little complexion coverage we were sold. The ultimate ‘all-in-one’ product, this oil-free formula not covers imperfections but cares for your skin day after day: dark spots will fade, you skin’s natural radiance will shine, and you complexion will never have looked more even!
4.  PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray
Beach hair is no longer reserved for long weekends. Bottling the effects of that salty air, this spray from NYC stylist Jeff Chastain offers instant volume and a tousled texture. Sweet almond extract infuses strands with softness, fullness, and brilliance, while vitamin-rich algae extract nourishes and protects the scalp. Adding to this spray’s addictive nature is the scent of ripe peach, fresh-cut grass, and white woods. All products from the line are safe for colour-treated hair and are free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten.
5.  RMK Point Make Up Remover
When you’ve spent the day rocking a smoky eye or a bold red lip, there comes a point when you just need to get it off. NOW. So, when your usual face wash isn’t enough, this quick-dissolving make-up remover from RMK will get things sorted in a flash. Formulated with Squalane – a highly moisturising complex to leave skin ultra hydrated – it removes shadow, liner and waterproof mascara without breaing a sweat. Plus, it’s been specially created to protect the delicate eye area without any greasy residue so you don’t have to worry about redness or irritation.
 6.  WAH London Nail Art Pen (Blue)

Eye-catching nails are way more than just a trend – they’re a must-have accessory that’s here to stay. So, when deciding who we should turn to when it comes to getting creative, there was only one brand that sprung to mind: WAH London. Always one step ahead, their signature nail pens have both a pen nib for freehand creativity and a striper brush inside for drawing the perfect line; making nail designs easy and fun (and ideal for on-the-go touch ups!). All that’s left to do is to let your imagination run wild!

 If you're thinking about joining Birchbox then I highly recommend it.  For £10.00 a month plus £2.95 delivery, you really can't go wrong!

Much love



6 May 2015

When it comes to writing a blog, I think imagery is so important. You don't need a flashy camera to achieve great photos, it's simply about the concept. Personally, I look for images that are in focus, bright and show the subject well. 

LightingNow, I studied photography at A Level and before, but studio lighting is something I never liked! However, when it comes to taking images in the evening, that can be quite difficult as the lighting can then become dark and the lights in your home give off a yellow tint! We've all been there don't worry, but it doesn't look great. To avoid that, simply take pictures at the weekend during the day by a window or, if you are experience with lighting such as soft boxes etc then go ahead! But I always take my images at the weekend as it saves me so much time.

Composition; Don't be afraid to play around with the layout of your subject, I have noticed taking shots above the subject discards some shadows as well as making it all in focus so this composition is great if that's what you are looking for. Take a variety of shots from different angles of the subject and see what you prefer later on.

Editing; There are so many free editing websites out there which you can use to adjust the basics of your image like brightness, contrast, saturation etc. I have always been lucky enough to have Photoshop as that is the only software I find easy to use! Believe it or not, I can't even use paint! When I've taken my images I open them up in Photoshop, and I may crop them depending on if I wanted a closer enough shot, and then I only brighten up the image by adjusting the brightness and that's it! Nothing difficult!

Backgrounds and Props; This is my favourite and I believe this is has a huge part to play in your photography. It can change up the simply subject dramatically. My favourite is using a white table, which I hand painted myself, but you can pick up the Lack table from Ikea for £5! Which is a must have as it is the perfect white background for your shots. Another background is wood samples, you can pick these up and they create a great rustic look! Another favourite of mine is wallpaper samples! A pretty way to add something to your subject. As for props... flowers, trays, rugs, scraps of fabric, magazines, cushions... the list is endless just have fun and experiment!

I hope you enjoy reading this, and I also hope it helps and gives you some inspiration and ideas!

Much love;

Chelsea xo


4 May 2015

Good morning:

I thought I would all update you on my whereabouts, but it is safe to say I haven't been unwell or anything. Just veryvery busy!

That time has passed now, and the break has done me some good! On Monday it was my birthday, I spent the whole weekend in Liverpool for my little sister's beauty pageant which was so tiring. I was in charge of her hair and make up, which I was pleased with. 

With all the hard work and it was my birthday, I treated myself to a new pair of Converse. I live in these, I have a navy pair which I have kind of ruined, so I thought the white leather pair is a good choice, considering white goes with everything and these are easier to clean than the canvas. For the sizing, I am a size 2! Yes a 2, child feet! SO I got these cheaper, for £35 which I think is reasonable!

Do you own a pair of converse?

Much love;

Chelsea xo


Good morning;

I am probably a bit late with this post, as I received this is...April! And we are now in May!
By the time I have finished this, my new box from Birchbox would of already arrived! - joking. 

So this is my first box from Birchbox, and I have to say I am very impressed, and the box is just beautiful!

The products that came with this box are;

1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
2. Lola Barcelona Nail Polish (Born)
3. Befine Warming Clay Mask
4. Pommade Divine Nature's Remedy Balm
5. Percy & Reed Smoothed Sealed & Sensational Volumising no oil, oil
6. Laura Mercier Mascara

I have only used the balm and the mascara so far! But so far so good!! Stay update for the next box!

Much love;


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