20 May 2015

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Everyone, at some point has done, I understand that. It always strikes us when we are in that mood where everything seems like a huge amount of effort. "One night won't hurt" oh, but it does. Below are the reasons/consequences of that lazy habit.

1. You run the risk of your eyelashes breaking.
Eyelashes are so important. Think about the times you have occidentally pulled them out with your eyelash curler, how mortified you were?! If you go to sleep with the leftover mascara, your eyelashes are not in their natural state, allowing the excess mascara to harden and make the eyelashes become brittle and stiff - enabling breakage.

2. Your eyes can become irritated.
I don't know about you, but the times I have done it - not many by the way - I have woken up with the itchiest eyes! Think about the leftover particles from mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner etc, just shedding into your eye. This could run the risk of an infection, as the eyes are very sensitive.

3. Your pores become clogged.
Wearing make up all day isn't the best thing for your skin, however you can subside this by giving your skin TLC in the morning and evening. However, some foundation can clog the pores, making skin prone to breakout which nobody desires. Spots can last for days, where as taking your make up off can take only a few minutes. I know which one I'd rather have.

4. Your skin has no over night recovery.
Beauty sleep is a real thing! The simple things are what really helps, for example water is great for keeping your skin hydrated and having that healthy glow! As for that beauty sleep, it is strictly crucial for allowing the skin to recover, which it can not do if there is leftover make up in the way, clogging the pores. Make sure you're also having enough sleep, as lacking it can heighten the risk of ageing.

5. Your bed sheets become filthy.
Not a good look for your face or your pretty bed sheets hey?  You're just creating more work for yourself. Not only do you now have to remove the smeared make up, but you now have to wash the bed sheets a few days earlier? No thank you, I would much rather take that time to simply remove my make up before I hit the sack!

6. You don't fully relax.
This may not include everyone, but the times I have gone to sleep with my make up on. I feel this huge sense of guilt. Pure guilt to my skin. I may be asleep but my mind is ticking away, not fully resting as I am still aware of the consequences I will be waking up to in the morning.

Hope you found this helpful!

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  1. I always try to take my makeup off before I sleep, sometimes I slip up I'll admit! I honestly never thought about eyelashes breaking though! Ah that must be horrible! Really nice post! :) Em xx


  2. Thank you for this material. Very nice article, I've never heard before about eyelashes yet. And it was actually quite timely about dirty pillows. I'm trying to remove all the make-up before sleeping, but truly say sometimes I forget about it. So yeah, in the morning I feel myself so crumpled because of the dirty face.

    Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  3. I think I've accidentally slept with some concealer on a few times, and every time I did that my skin felt clogged the morning after. I actually love removing makeup as much as I love putting on makeup, it feels so refreshing!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.


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