6 May 2015

When it comes to writing a blog, I think imagery is so important. You don't need a flashy camera to achieve great photos, it's simply about the concept. Personally, I look for images that are in focus, bright and show the subject well. 

LightingNow, I studied photography at A Level and before, but studio lighting is something I never liked! However, when it comes to taking images in the evening, that can be quite difficult as the lighting can then become dark and the lights in your home give off a yellow tint! We've all been there don't worry, but it doesn't look great. To avoid that, simply take pictures at the weekend during the day by a window or, if you are experience with lighting such as soft boxes etc then go ahead! But I always take my images at the weekend as it saves me so much time.

Composition; Don't be afraid to play around with the layout of your subject, I have noticed taking shots above the subject discards some shadows as well as making it all in focus so this composition is great if that's what you are looking for. Take a variety of shots from different angles of the subject and see what you prefer later on.

Editing; There are so many free editing websites out there which you can use to adjust the basics of your image like brightness, contrast, saturation etc. I have always been lucky enough to have Photoshop as that is the only software I find easy to use! Believe it or not, I can't even use paint! When I've taken my images I open them up in Photoshop, and I may crop them depending on if I wanted a closer enough shot, and then I only brighten up the image by adjusting the brightness and that's it! Nothing difficult!

Backgrounds and Props; This is my favourite and I believe this is has a huge part to play in your photography. It can change up the simply subject dramatically. My favourite is using a white table, which I hand painted myself, but you can pick up the Lack table from Ikea for £5! Which is a must have as it is the perfect white background for your shots. Another background is wood samples, you can pick these up and they create a great rustic look! Another favourite of mine is wallpaper samples! A pretty way to add something to your subject. As for props... flowers, trays, rugs, scraps of fabric, magazines, cushions... the list is endless just have fun and experiment!

I hope you enjoy reading this, and I also hope it helps and gives you some inspiration and ideas!

Much love;

Chelsea xo


  1. I love bright clean pictures, I also studied photography at college but portraits is something I always struggled with, I always think about about blogging a makeup tutorial but taking pictures of my face with the right lightning is a nightmare! :) xx

    1. You should do that! I have struggled with that! And then I can't get the right angle for the eye look :( xx

  2. I totally agree about not having a flashy camera - as long as it's clear and bright you're in for a winner. I'm actually thinking of selling my SLR camera and getting something smaller.

    You're totally right about background props etc, I really need to up my game!

    1. Oh me too! I agree with that, I sometimes take blog photos on my iPhone ! X


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