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25 November 2015

I would say that my favourite make up item would be eyeshadow - for real. You can be completely creative with it from just a simple sweep of shadow to waken the eye or go completely dramatic with a cut crease. I have wanting to create my own Mac palette for a long while now so last month I decided I'd just go for it.

First things first though I needed to purchase the Pro Palette itself which is about £10.00 and the Pro Palette Insert x15 which is about £2.50 - £12.50 and you've got yourself the beginnings of your Pro Palette.

For the fun part is of course choosing your eyeshadows. I only purchase four to start with because I want to watch it grow and I do want to spend my time choosing which eyeshadows I want for desired looks.

From left to right; Gesso, Corduroy, Rule, Red Brick. So far I have only tried Gesso and Corduroy which I am pleased with. I have swatched them all and they are incredibly pigmented. One little, minor, tiny issue - Gesso is a disappointment. It's a beautiful white matte shade however not pigmented at all and it's like trying to put chalk on my eyelid. Of course I will carry on using it but I won't be purchasing that shade again.

Overall though I am so excited to continue growing my Mac Pro Palette! Which eyeshadows do you recommend?

Chedsneh xo


19 November 2015

Urban Decay mostly known for their famous Naked palettes - there are now currently four to purchase! Sadly I only own two, the first and the third but they are reached for almost everyday.
So here's to the best Urban Decay products I own in my collection;

  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion; There are currently two in my collection, purely for the reason of emergency - incase I RUN OUT. I wear eyeshadow everyday, since I started being interested in make up I couldn't leave the house without my statement wash of pearl over my lid and that still stands today, 5 years on. Without this product, there would be no eyeshadow for my lids because it is my holy grail and it does exactly what it says and my eyeshadow does not crease at all!
  • Naked Palette; I could write an essay about every shade in this palette, but I simply can't right now. However if you typed into google, Naked palette swatches or review - there will be many great things mentioned about this product. It can create any desired look, but my favourite is a gold, shimmery smokey eye.
  • Makeup Setting Spray; I have combination skin, but I do not wear this product everyday only because I do not wear a lot of make up throughout my working week. On the weekends however or evenings out, special occasions etc a few sprays of this over my face and it is set for good. 
  • Subversion Lash Primer; About six weeks ago I had my eyelashes lifted and it was the best thing I have ever done. I didn't need to curl my lashes anymore, which is great. I used this product everyday before the perming of my eyelashes and it held the curl all day. What is also great about this product is it creates a flexible light base for my mascara where as some primers I have tried have left a hard spidery lash look.
  • Revolution Lipstick; If you have read my blog from day one, you'll know my obsession for pink lipsticks is out of control. When I spotted this shade, Native at the Urban Decay counter it was everything I looked for in a pink lipstick. It has been my best friend ever since! This shade well and truly goes with every eye look I wear. 

Have you tried these products?

Chedsneh xo


17 November 2015

Have I not mentioned my love for this shade of lipstick by MAC? It's named Sweet & Sour and you can see it in all of it's glory from these swatches here. I know it is Autumn and that is screaming the dark shades to make an appearance but part of me is still stuck in the Summer - but let's be honest that really wasn't long ago so I think that's why I'm having a hard time adjusting.

But despite all of that, it is a cremesheen finish which is my favourite due to it being easy to apply and moisturising to the lips. As for the colour, it is a gorgeous pale peach which looks amazing with a bronzed up look and a neutral smokey eye! So for all of you girls and guys out there who are still missing those summer vibes or just looking for a perfect peach tone then Sweet & Sour is the key to your heart.

Have you tried this shade by Mac? What are your thoughts?

Chedsneh xo


11 November 2015

Today's post is all about blushers. I have quite a few, but I also tend to either go for something sparkly pink or coral. Everyone has their preferences and I am just drawn to those shades. However, I couldn't help but think yesterday whilst I was applying my make up that the blushers I always reach for are the brand Bourjois. I think it is time to experiment and purchase some blushers from Mac, Benefit, Nars etc but I wanted to express why I love Bourjois blushers so much.

From left to right; 34 Rose d'Or, 48 Ashes of Roses, Cream Blush Sun 06, Cream Blush 03.

To start with, there is a wide variety of shades I think on the Boots website there is at least 20 shades to choose from which is great and not to forget to mention, these blushers smell amazing. You might be thinking that is so odd!!! But most of Bourjois products have a floral or fruity smell to them which definitely wins me over. The packaging is adorable and vintage looking as well as being compact. The mirror and small brush are ideal for placing this product in your make up bag for on the go! As for the quality, these blushers are round £8.00 but I think that's brilliant considering they are very pigmented and long lasting. My favourite is 34 Rose d'Or because of it's gold mineralised flecks - it gives a gorgeous pink glow. I've been repurchasing this product since I was 15, I'm now 20... so 5 years of loving this product.

I will continue loving and reaching for these blushers continuously - you should try them too!

Have you tried any of their blushers?

Chedsneh xo 

A Christmas Wishlist | SELFRIDGES

3 November 2015

Don't threat too much guys, you'll read this and think "It was halloween a few days ago..." or "christmas is still almost 2 months away" but I love Christmas. So. Much. It is my favourite holiday, not purely just the gifts, but waking up on Christmas day to a fresh crisp morning, the smell of dinner already on the go and spending that day with family and friends. In the UK it is the one holiday were it is really family orientated in my opinion. My mum keeps nagging me for a list, not everything I will see sight of, obviously but she can choose a few items for me! I decided to just browse on Selfridges as everything they have on there I just lust over.

1. Urban Decay VICE 4
2. NYX - Sydney
3. NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer - Vanilla
4. NYX Concealer Palette - Light
5. Ted Baker Earrings
6. Origins Ginzing Moisturiser
8. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara
9. Lindt Assorted Chocolate

Hopefully this can help you think of something for friends/family or even for yourself! What are you hoping santa brings you this year?

Chedsneh xo


2 November 2015

& finally, it is mine! Just look at how incredible each shade is and just think about the numerous of wonderful looks you can create with this palette.  
 Everything about this palette is matte, no shimmer. I do love a bit of shimmer but a matte look is what I prefer in my opinion, especially on a day to day basis. This only cost me £15.95 and I googled the swatches, watched heaps of youtube videos on the looks you can create, and it is so incredibly pigmented! One Mac eyeshadow isn't far off the price of this whole palette and there is no faults with it. The colours also scream autumnal. The palette offers so much versatility. You can create a simple nude look or a sultry smokey eye, it is never ending.

I can not wait to try out many looks, so keep posted for them and of course, go purchase your own here - you will not regret it.

Have you tried any of Morphe's products? If so let me know.

Chedsneh xo

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