The Christmas Clutch | Pink Parcel

24 November 2016

The Christmas period has come along very quickly and in fact it feels like summer was only yesterday which has left many of us in a dismay of what to buy for our loved ones! However, I have a gift that is perfect for the girls in my family and my close friends...

EVERYDAY | Urban Decay

15 November 2016

Products from Urban Decay that I reach for everyday, this post came to mind simply because I noticed that this brand in particular is used a lot in my everyday make up routine. I think it is also great sign to see the same brand recurring in your make up routine because clearly they are a winner! 

New Hair | Roxy Hair

6 November 2016

So, I've had my hair done?!?! And I couldn't be happier! I've been lucky enough to get it done by the lovely Roxanne, you can view her hairdressing page here - she is crazy talented! I mean just look at her blending? No harsh lines in this hair!
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