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6 November 2016

So, I've had my hair done?!?! And I couldn't be happier! I've been lucky enough to get it done by the lovely Roxanne, you can view her hairdressing page here - she is crazy talented! I mean just look at her blending? No harsh lines in this hair!

So you may be wondering why I took the plunge and decided to get something completely different? Well to start with my hair wasn't in the best condition, it has the texture of chewing gum when it's wet -sigh- but I've just purchased a protein shampoo to help with that - review to come. 

Second of all, I just don't want to keep bleaching my hair, having to have my roots done every 8 weeks just wasn't for me, its expensive too! I didn't want to lose my blonde hair entirely so I found some inspiration pictures on Pinterest and showed Roxanne and knew she could make it beautiful again.

Because I was a lover of those purple shampoos, toners etc they had actually made my hair start to look khaki which looked rank. One day I woke up and compared my hair to mouldy cheese, literally that was the tone it was getting to! 

I am so happy with my hair, I now can continue to rest my hair and leave it actually grow instead of killing it with bleach all the time! So I am happy to have hair that is going to be less maintenance now and I plan on having regular treatments with Roxanne for my hair and also if it needs refreshing she is where I am going!

Be sure to give her Facebook page a like and you can follow her on Instagram too to stay tuned on her work!

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