30 August 2016

For someone that usually has gel nails I find painting my own nails an absolute chore and I simply don't have the patience to allow it to dry. However I thought I needed a break from gel and decided I would pick up this nail polish from Barry M, the colour drew me in but also the fact that its infused with coconut? Great!


25 August 2016

 This post is slightly different today, as you all know I focus on writing about beauty products for my blog, but I don't actually show you what I create from the palettes that I love etc, so I thought today I would share with you this look I have created using the Morphe 35N Palette.

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask

23 August 2016

Looking after your skin is so important, even basic skincare just by washing your face and moisturising it morning and night will make a huge difference to your skin and really look after it. I do have a kind of obsession with it though so I do take the extra steps and one thing I like doing in particular is using a face mask twice a week for a deep clean. 

Castor Oil | 4 USES

22 August 2016

First up, what is Castor Oil? it is a pale yellow oil which is obtained from castor beans. Overtime people have found that it has many uses and one especially being effective for
hair growth.

NARS | Paloma

15 August 2016

I have been meaning to review this product for a while but I have been trying it out with different foundations, over different powders etc just to see how it would apply and if there was a change in texture. So this little duo from Nars consists of two shades, a contouring shade and a shimmer to highlight the high points of your face.

A Dupe Foundation For MAC Pro Longwear

8 August 2016

So for a long time now MAC Pro Longwear has been my favourite foundation since I purchased my first bottle about 3 years ago! My skin is combination but I will say it is more oily than dry but not oily enough to completely use skincare for just that specific type due to dry patches. I have been on a look out for a foundation like Pro Longer for everyday use and at £26.00 per bottle I kind of want to keep it a weekend/special occasion foundation if you know what I mean?

LUSH | Shampoo

1 August 2016

If you didn't know already then I have a huge addiction to Lush, just going in the shop is a must and 99% of the time I always come out the shop with something whether it is just a cute bath bomb or something new for my skincare. For a little while I was keen to try their shampoo and conditioner and my scalp is quite sensitive just like the rest of my skin so I thought I would give it a go.
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