Castor Oil | 4 USES

22 August 2016

First up, what is Castor Oil? it is a pale yellow oil which is obtained from castor beans. Overtime people have found that it has many uses and one especially being effective for
hair growth.
So I picked this little bottle up from Amazon for a couple of pounds and thought what the heck let's try some of this and see what it can do? I have applied it on my eyebrows, stretch marks, dry skin etc and I have to say, it is a little gem to be honest as it is incredibly moisturising and a little amount goes a long way.

  1. Eyebrows? Apparently it has been proven to be great at helping hair growth, now I haven't tried this on my eyelashes or my actual scalp so I don't have any comments on that. As for my eyebrows, I would say they definitely are looking more thick! To apply, you can just dab a small amount on your finger and run it through your eyebrows or you can do this with a disposable mascara wand. I was applying this every evening and after 2 weeks I didn't just have short hair to pluck out... I ended up with ones almost being the length of my eyebrow! Which is great, it is working... but it did look kind of stupid ha.
  2. Stretch Marks? We all have them, men and women. I didn't grow a lot, I only stand at five foot one, but I do have stretch marks around my thighs and my butt which totally don't bother me. For the sake of finding out if the castor oil does anything to them though, I applied this morning and night for a month. Results? Well because mine are so faint due to being so pale I couldn't notice much of a difference but I will keep applying anyway.
  3. Cracked Heels? Which I don't have but castor oil is easily absorbed by your skin which therefore makes it a great treatment for incredibly dry areas so if you do have cracked heels and creams are too expensive or not strong enough, then try this instead and see the improvement.
  4. Cuticle Oil? I get gel nails regularly and I don't moisturise my hands enough as the gel does not like the moisturiser as it tends to just sit in the sides of the nails and can get underneath the gel causing it to lift. However gel nails are fine with oil and it is important to use a cuticle oil. This really is perfect for ensuring your cuticles are smooth and full of goodness.

4 uses for castor oil and I definitely can say they live up to the expectations! So do you have any uses for castor oil let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love Castor Oil for my scalp, never thought of it for cracked heels though! Must try! x

    1. Oh wow I need to use it on my scalp! It's so great though! X


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