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15 November 2016

Products from Urban Decay that I reach for everyday, this post came to mind simply because I noticed that this brand in particular is used a lot in my everyday make up routine. I think it is also great sign to see the same brand recurring in your make up routine because clearly they are a winner! 

Naked Basics
This palette I use everyday and I have had this for a good year at least and the shadows are so pigmented. I think I am almost touching pan on a few shades which brings me great sadness. It has six shades, they are neutral but you can create an everyday look with it or even a nighttime look. This is also a great compact size for a small makeup bag too!

Naked Flushed
Again, we have 3 products in one so this is so convenient for your makeup bag. I love using this purely because I don't have to reach for more products as it includes a bronzer, blusher and highlighter! I warn you though, be careful with the bronzer as it is very, very pigmented... I've made the mistake of looking like I have thrown mud on my face.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion
This has been about for along as I can remember, definitely way back when I was watching Youtube videos and it was the go-to for insuring your eyeshadow stays in place. I think it's safe to say that it still holds its high status!

Subversion Lash Primer
This totally changes my lash game for real. Thicker, Longer, Stronger - it does all those things which is why I can't not use it everyday. If I don't want to wear false lashes but want to have volume to my lashes then this was my guarantee for that.

Cream Vice Lipstick
These lipsticks are so creamy and they last forever. I often opt for a creamy consistency more so than matte as they aren't drying on the lips. The shade above is Native which is the perfect baby pink.

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