Problems with your bra? How about Bra-blems that we've got covered.

10 January 2016

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There are so many pretty bras out there, but are they really practical? Kinda? Not really? No. 
I was recently introduced to ThirdLove and thought it would be a great idea to show you their guide on bra fit issues along with solutions! ThirdLove specialises in great fitting bras. They also have some fun resources on their site like lingerie care and a bra size chartIn this post I will cover all the those brablems which I have experienced and ways to battle them, and no matter what, whenever there is a chance where we no longer have to wear a bra, we rip it off in a second and release a huge sigh of relief.

With every bra, no matter what size you are, without the proper fitting and even putting the bra on correctly, there is going to be an issue and being uncomfortable is not what we want! Up until 3 years ago, I just tried on a load of bras and whichever one fit, that was my size! Wrong - because each bra I picked up and tried on in that size, just didn't fit right. I highly recommend actually going to get measured properly which you can get done in many lingerie shops and department stores.

  • Just trying to do some chores or going about your day, but not successful due to slipping bra straps? This is so frustrating for us all, especially if you are wearing something short sleeved which reveals those pesky straps! In order to combat this make sure you tighten the straps on your bra regularly whenever this issue happens. With most fabric/material it does stretch!

  • Does your bra seem to be getting on your last nerve by riding up your back? The band size is too big. You will have to go down a band size but up a cup size. If you can't seek any help a tip to knowing your band size is the right fit is to put two fingers down the back of your band that way the bra should fit on the loosest hook so once it starts to stretch you can tighten it. 

  • You've just woken up, flung on a snug T-shirt over the top of your bra and it looks like you have 4 boobs? What on earth? Yeah the cups are too small. Either move up a cup size or if that's not the option you may want to consider getting a bra that covers more of the boob itself to prevent overspill! 

  • Cup gaping? You look in the mirror and it doesn't look to bad, but you look down at your chest and hello, they are kinda looking exposed? Oops. Try tightening the straps to give the girls more support! If that doesn't work that well then you might need to try a smaller cup size.

  • Are you digging? Not cool, not cool. Those annoying straps are actually digging into your skin which just makes you want to rip your bra off, yet you can't at that particular moment? It could be down to the straps and the band. If it's the straps, then they might be too tight - so loosen them. As for the band, your band size might be too big therefore it's relying on those straps to do all the work. 

The above bra-blems I have experienced all myself. If you have experienced any of the above, you are not alone! After writing this post however, it makes me believes that bras are far more technical than I thought! However with the correct guides or professional help from someone who can help measure you, you'll have a pretty bra which fits you comfortably!

Have you had any bra-blems? Please comment below and share how you have fixed them!

Chedsneh xo


  1. Very relatable and interesting post lol, love the term bra-blems haha! <3

    1. Haha thank you! Hopefully it helps some gals out!! x


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