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23 June 2016

So I don't know about you, but I do love the sun but I just hate the damage it causes to my skin and is it really worth it? When you can achieve a sun kissed glow from a bottle? I think it is a no brainer really! However it does require some effort, but it takes about 30 minutes for me with a routine which is a lot quicker than laying on a sunbed or baking your skin outside for hours on end.
So fake tanning can be a challenge let's be honest now, we have all been there with the streaks and even the awful orange hands partnered with some cheesy wotsits for fingers. I have spent enough time frantically scrubbing at my hands or any other dry areas of my body where the fake tan will just cling to but with practice comes perfect(ish) and I like to think I have now mastered a good fake tanning routine with it looking natural.

I have used quite a few different fake tans and I have always opted for mousse application as I just find it so much easier to work with. For the past few months I have been using Bondi Sands in dark and it has a coconut scent to it, so no biscuit smell - phew. I have been really liking this product and the undertones of the tan give my skin a really natural tan so I don't look like I have really faked it. Also I have found it does last for about a week to two weeks but if you are wanting to keep it topped up to the same shade each time, I recommend using this once a week.

So as for application, you need a good prep. You simply can't just dive on in without exfoliating all of your skin, so if you are looking for an all over neat tan then don't skip this step. You can use exfoliating hand mits which work well but I have been using a body scrub from Lush lately as it has been doing the job wonders. So hop in the bath/shower and allow the warm water to warm up the skin and begin exfoliating.

You can moisturise all over if you wish to, but I do think that doesn't make the tan as strong as I would like to, only I think the moisturiser creates a sort of barrier which doesn't allow the tan to fully sink in but this is where it becomes very handy for the dry areas!

I like to use a tanning mit, so I apply one pump to the tanning mit and then I begin to evenly apply all over my body, I can't reach my back, so if you can't either then having someone to help is essential. You can leave it to develop for as long as you want, I leave mine for six to eight hours for a deep tan before I rinse off in the shower.

Chedsneh xo


  1. I'm literally just going to use this fake tan! I'm too in love with it & have been for over a year now.

    Katie //

  2. Love this, I currently use the Bondi Sands Mousse in Light and literally love it. It looks so much more natural than other tanners I've used in the past!

    Jess xo

    Jessica Ann ♥


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