15 June 2015

Fake tanning, is one of those routines where you are either amazing at committing to it, or you just aren't that bothered and you tend to make a hack job. I am so pale, but an olive pale and it's so difficult. However, recently I decided that as the weather has perked up and everyone is braving their bare legs I thought it was time to fake tan. 

I used to be awful at applying it, no matter how much I rubbed it in, I would somehow find a patch that I had missed. It was such a tedious routine that I resented. Recently Rimmel London released their new fake tan in a mousse formula...it applies so easily and effortlessly and I have read so many great reviews about this product so it is definitely worth purchasing and it is cheap also! It takes 1 hour to develop or if you would like a darker tan, you can leave it on longer for your desired look.

So the fake tanning routine goes like this;

1. First up, you need to exfoliate, I used an exfoliating glove which is my opinion are easiest to use. Make sure you pay attention to the dry areas where the fake tan will cling on to e.g. wrists, elbows, knees and your ankles.

2. I always moisturise, especially paying attention to the dry areas again, The application is more even and the moisturiser acts a base in my opinion. I have found it works great for me, and not so great if I don't moisturise.

3. Now it's the application of the fake tan, I use a mit and I squirt 2 pumps each time, but the left over product I use that to apply to the dry areas. I can never get to my back, so that's a job for my boyfriend. Finally, I apply moisturiser again to the dry areas, as I am so cautious with those. 

4. Run around completely naked till the product is dry. Obviously that is a joke, unless you really want to do that, but I just throw on some loose fitted clothes, like my pjs! You can either wash it off in an hour, or go to bed with the product on and rinse off in the morning. It is up to you!

Do you have any fake tanning tips?



  1. I just started using fake tan and I have been LOVING IT. I use Million Dollar Tan, I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it but it's awesome! I'll have to check this stuff out when I run out!

  2. I'm constantly fake tanning, I'm pale and just prefer to have a subtle bit of colour! I tend to use Fake Bake 60 minutes which you can also just leave on for an hour or up to three for a deeper tan. It can be pretty pricey though :( So I might give the Rimmel one a go. I'm terrible for being lazy sometimes when applying, but definitely always try to follow these tips :) x



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