5 Shows To Watch On Netflix

18 July 2016

It is the summer and I know we should all be outside enjoying the hot weather and all, but sometimes I just can't handle the heat so I feel like sitting inside for an hour or two a day watching Netflix really is a nice break from the sun! Now the question is, is what do I watch on Netflix? I binge watch so badly to the point where I am constantly needing a new show to watch so incase you're in my shoes then carry on reading for something to cast your eyes on for a while!

  1. Pretty Little Liars - yes I know, everyone probably has watched it by now, but I only started watching this last year... I was very late - oops. What is it all about? The show now consists of 7 seasons. The show is set in a small town called Rosewood where a group of best friends get tormented by someone called A and be prepared for a lot of deaths and drama.
  2. Jane The Virgin - By far my absolute favourite. I have just finished season 2 and boy did they leave that on a cliff hanger? HURRY UP AND COME BACK. The series consists of a young working girl called Jane who is a virgin and who also gets artificially inseminated by mistake - yikes.
  3. Orange Is The New Black - Hilariously funny this show is, and also really gets you thinking why the main character Piper keeps making some silly mistakes! Unfortunately Piper is in prison for 15 months after being sentenced for a crime that happened many moons ago due to transporting money with her ex drug dealing girlfriend.
  4. Bates Motel - Me and my boyfriend are hooked on this, this is another show that has ended on a cliff hanger where I am crying for it to come back - mad of me I know. This is a show based on the film Psycho of how Norman Bates becomes more sinister throughout his teenage years.
  5. Reign - I am only on season 1, but I am almost at the end of it so this is a newbie to my watch list but it is so classic. This is an American TV show portraying the early years of Mary Queen of Scots living in France. After watching just a few episodes of this I was immediately attached, also the beautiful dresses are incredible!

Have you watched any of these? If you have anything to suggest comment below!

Chedsneh xo


  1. I have to watch Neflix every-night before bed, it's my ritual haha. I'm obsessed with Reign, I watched the first two seasons during Christmas and the third has just finished, it's amazing, I love the music! I've been a fan of PLL since the beginning, when they used to put it on MTV, but it's been so good lately. I've also just watched Silent Witness and Luther :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Me too haha! We both have a good choice in shows then! Silent Witness is amazing! Xx

  2. I've recently started watching Pretty Little Liars too and I'm completely addicted!

    xo, Liz

    1. I've got to catch up on last weeks episode - enjoy! x


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