12 July 2016

Make up brushes just seem a necessity that you can never have enough of? I have more make up brushes that I have anything else and I am always on the hunt for more whether they are high end or some cheap ones discovered on eBay - I still want to give them a go.
So I just typed in the search bar on Amazon - Make Up Brushes one evening and came across many pretty ones for a good price along with the results of Real Techniques brushes and I pretty much own almost their whole collection besides the Bold Metals. I saw these pictured above and they are from a brand called Acevivi, which I have never heard of before but I personally liked all the different colour choices they had available.

Now these are a 10 piece set and I purchased mine for £6.99 which is incredible right? I thought well even if they aren't great I haven't essentially wasted any money here. But to my surprise they are very good. I have washed these a couple of times so far also and I have not seen any shedding - yet. I was expecting one of the heads to come away from the brush itself but so far that is also good.

As for application these are very soft on my skin which is something I really look for in a brush as let's be honest here, no one wants to apply their foundation or eyeshadow with something that feels like straw and that might just even start tearing your skin apart - noway.

You can purchase these brushes here and as you can see there are many colours to choose from. Have you tried any brushes from this brand?

Chedsneh xo


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