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19 September 2015

B L A N E S 

So I have recently just came back from a place that was filled with tranquility. Honestly, I'd move out there tomorrow but I of course would miss typical British traits. Me and my boyfriend stayed there for a week, and the weather was great besides one day in which it rained so much there was warnings of floods, but it was cool... we chilled in the spa which left our skin feeling amazing! I did hope to go to the Salvador Dali museum as I'm a huge fan, however as I didn't prebook because I didn't know I really had to, it was 3 hours away and it was either a 3 hour bus journey or a short but very expensive taxi journey. I plan on going back next year and for definite I will be visiting the surreal world of Dali. I had the richest hot chocolate, to say it was a drink seemed wrong to me considering it was so thick, I had to slurp on a spoon - haha. Attached are a few images and I really recommend visiting what Blanes has to offer. 

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