I n t e r i o r i n s p i r a t i o n

7 December 2014

FYI; all images are not mine, images found from Pinterest.

No.1 Bathroom,
This bathroom looks quaint and cold, however the elegant furnishings allow character to present itself.

No.2 Above ground pool,
Can you imagine having this pool? I'd just like it so I could capture many surreal shots. (Typical me)

No.3 Branch bed,
I'd adore a bed like this, bringing nature indoors, it would be the centre of attention. which would achieve many compliments.

No.4 Simplistic lounge,
Sometimes if you are stuck for ideas, keeping it simple always turns out best, it isn't being safe, its just has more of a undone charm.

No.5 Classy bedroom,
If you don't have much colour in a room, introduce it in subtle ways, like the pillows for example, that way it doesn't look too much,

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