7 December 2014

 M O V I N G    T O    M Y    N E S T

Lately, I have been somewhat busy which is explains the lack of posts. I've just currently moved out, left my parents which I have adapted to quite well. I couldn't be happy though, I feel like I have achieved a good balance back in my life. However, there are a few things I feel like I just need to note down.

No.1 I have realised lately, that there is something in particular that is driving my creativity to disappear. I can't remember the last time I picked up my camera and created a surreal shot that depicted my emotions. I can't state what that something in particular is, but it is something that many people feel tired with. Have you guessed yet?

No.2 I would adore to have all the free time in the world to tend to this blog as much as I can. I don't think there will be a specific area that my blog will show, I aim to show everything about myself that I enjoy. Fashion, beauty... daily life... perhaps even recipes - although I am terrible at cooking. I've been lucky enough to have my boyfriend cook for me everyday.

No.3 I would also like to state that I am sorry for the poor quality of images. I have just taken these in 5 minutes in very low light. In fact I am even sat here at my computer typing away... with no light on.
No.4 As you can see by reading the post, it is just an update, a ramble and a few images of the view I see everyday. Pretty cool huh?
No.5 & finally it almost Christmas, which I am very excited about, my first Christmas at a new home though, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I hope any of those that visit this blog, to check regularly as this will be my happiest priority.

Much love,

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