29 February 2016

Meet my bath/shower essentials, they join me every evening when I bathe or have a shower and I cannot go without them. All of the products are a necessity to the majority of us and the brands or type of products change depending on if we wish to try something new or we have simply ran out.

1. OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner; These are new products and have been joining in with the daily routine for last the 2 weeks and they are going to stay. My younger sister uses these and she has said they are pretty damn good. I have just recently had a whole head of highlights x 2 over the last month and I need something that is going to nourish my tresses I do use these everyday and however if my highlights are looking slightly brassy then I will use a purple shampoo to emit those tones.

2. Lush Shower Cream Price Charming; Again my nan purchased Rose Jam for me as a Christmas present and I have never used Lush's shower creams before and it did last for 4 weeks which I think is good considering it is a small bottle. The pros of the small bottle is that you don't need a lot, it smells amazing and it is actually a lot easier to handle the smaller bottle compared to a large bottle, I can guarantee the large bottle would of just fallen out of my hand and gone for a dive in the water. The smell of this Prince Charming shower cream is like identical to Terry's Chocolate Orange in my opinion — let me know if you agree!

3.  Johnson's Baby Oil; I can't shave my legs without this stuff, and I don't use shaving foam as to me that just dries out my legs and my skin has a tendency to be incredibly dry and irritated after I shaved my legs and this baby oil seems to do it many wonders!

4. Friction Free Shaving Razor; You can find this here and from £3.00 per month you can receive a razor and 4 new blades come through your letterbox each month! Apparently statistics say that us ladies do not change our blades regularly for many reasons but the main culprit being that they are so darn expensive! Since I have been using this razor my legs are not longer irritated or bumpy just so smooth!

What are your essentials when you hop in the bath or shower?

Chedsneh xo

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  1. I would love to try the Prince Charming Shower Cream as I'm a big fan of other lush creams! Great post <3


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