5 September 2016

So correctors have been about for a long time but how do we use them properly?  What does each correcting concealer do?

So the first corrector is yellow; yellow really helps cancel out the the purple/blue tones in your skin and also any mild redness, perfect corrector for on the go and not much blending is required.

The second corrector green; green which is many people's favourite as it does wonders fading out the redness on your skin, areas like cheeks, nose and chin are crucial areas that suffer from redness.

The third corrector orange; the strangest and most daunting corrector but orange if applied correctly will diminish those annoying dark circles under your eyes so you look fresh and wide awake!

So that is all great news and how do you apply it then? Well first you can use them all under the base of your foundation which I do when I am going for a full coverage base. The consistency is liquid from these concealers which I prefer as they are so easy to blend with your beauty blender or any foundation brush.

I apply the orange corrector under my eyes first as this is the shade that needs a lot of blending (especially if you apply too much!!!) but you only need a small amount and don't worry if you look silly as remember you're applying foundation over the top. As for the green corrector this goes on my cheeks and nose as I literally light up like Rudolph! Yellow corrector I use to go over the top of the green and orange only ever so slightly to make the blending again a lot easier. When you do apply your foundation don't use circular motions as this will just move the product around, so I use a dabbing motion.

So have you used any correcting concealers and how do you use them?

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