Sudocrem For Spots?

13 September 2016

Each and everyone of us has at some point gone through a stage of having problematic skin, even if it just the one spot that likes to befriend your chin and overstay it's welcome. Skincare is so important and making sure the spots don't spread is another task in itself.

So how does Sudocrem Skin Care Cream help combat spots then? So Sudocrem originally was for babies, which created a barrier against nappy rash and in general it is a great antiseptic. Have you noticed how convenient this little tube is though? Perfect for your bag and on the go!

Now due to Sudocrem being a great antiseptic this is the main ingredient you want for your spots as it will stop the spots spreading elsewhere and therefore speed up the healing process. You can apply the sudocrem to individual spots or even apply it all over to your face for an intensive mask which will leave your skin feeling so smooth and fresh.

Before application, simply cleanse or wash your face and then continue to tone it with a toner of your choice. Simply go ahead and apply to the individual spots and leave overnight and the same goes for the mask and simply wash it off the next morning. Do this a couple of times a week and you will really start to notice a difference in your skin.

Whenever I am having my monthly breakout this has become a huge statement in my skincare for treating those spots!

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