A Change in Skincare

7 December 2016

Often it is a good idea to change up your routines in regards to anything, just so it doesn't get same old, or in just one word - boring. Recently I have noticed my skin has been changing, now it is still it's oily self but I have noticed it beginning to dry out more in certain areas which I am blaming this pesky weather for! So I thought it was time I changed my skincare routine to meet the needs of my confused and thirsty state of my skin - haha.  
So I am using this routine, morning and night so it is receiving the full benefits of these products and also I am keeping to natural products. You might of seen these products before on my blog quite some time ago and that's because I rely on these products as they are my tried and tested - to put it simply they are just perfect and I believe they are great for anyone's skin.

So first up I do wear waterproof mascara quite a lot or even if I am wearing quite heavy eye make up I will remove it with the Boots Botanics All Bright Make Up Remover, this is oily which is why I like it for my eye area. You aren't pulling at the delicate eye area so therefore removing the make up is so much easier. Pretty much just glides off - easy peasy.

As for cleanser, again Boots Botanics range, All Bright Cleansing Cream which I put a dime size amount of a cotton pad and gently remove my make up from my face.

I will then go in and use their toner from the same range on a cotton pad and wipe this all over the areas I cleansed so it is all toned. This range smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed!

Finally my trusty moisturiser from Lush, I have a blog post about this wonderful product here.

And that's a wrap!

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