1 April 2015

I love April, it is my favourite month, not because it is the month of my birthday, but I really feel like Spring is so apparent and I can't wait to be welcomed by the warmer weather! If you don't already have Pinterest, I strongly recommend that you go get it! It is a life saver for inspiration and becoming bored when you are having to wait around. 

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1. Office Inspiration, I love looking at such clean spaces. I don't know about you, but I can't work well with distractions, even clutter around me. So to have a clean and simple environment to blog in, it is a perfect remedy for my inspiration and a more motivated mind!

2. Messy hair and comfy jumpers! As it is Spring, it is time to start introducing the subtle and soft colours back into the wardrobe, I know my statement colours have been black, grey and white recently so I think I need to make that start of changing! As for the messy hair, soft waves and messy fringes, just appeal to me so much! I always go back to a full fringe, but for now as the warmer weather is creeping in, it is time to grow it out so I don't add to being hot!

3. Pretty bags and sunglasses. I can't wait to get my sunnies out and treat myself to a nice new bag. If you still are loving all the black, white and grey trends, treating yourself to a new bag with a hint of colour is just an exceptional way to make those simple colours softer and welcoming to Spring!

4. Have you noticed the pink theme yet? I love baby pink this month so far, and it is only the 1st of April! I love the skirt and the white really bring out her tan! Everything about it is so inspirational, now we just have to wait for the warmer days to ditch the tights and show off the tanned up pins!



  1. I am a Pintrest addict! These pins are gorgeous... those colors though!


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