21 April 2015

Like my mum, I am obsessed when it comes to fragrances. Not quite like her actually, I take it back. She has way too many! A whole cupboard full, some not even opened yet because she can't bare to use them until another bottle is finished. It is quite funny, bless her.

Anyway, this post as you have already seen is a selected few of my favourite fragrances. I won't go into detail as to why each fragrance is my favourite, it is SO hard to describe a scent, am I right? However these fragrance are strictly my favourite purely because I love pretty smelling scents. They remind me of the summer, they have a fruity scent to them also, which is something I always make sure a fragrance has. I also fall in love with the bottles!

So the favourite fragrances are as followed; 
1. Ralph Lauren ; Big Pony #2
2. Thierry Mugler ; Alien
3. Marc Jacobs ; Daisy
4. Chloe
5. Chloe Roses

What are your favourite fragrances? 



  1. i love the Ralph Lauren perfume! but the bottle's empty already so i've been thinking about buying the Daisy by Marc Jacobs xx

    Micah | http://michastela.blogspot.com

  2. We have the same perfume taste! I love fruity floral scents with pretty packaging! Have you tried Vera Wang Princess or the Britney Spears Fantasy ones? :) xx


    1. Yay! That's so good! I haven't! I've heard about the Britney Spears, I need to try! Xox

  3. The bottles alone are so fabulous! X

    Chilled summer evening look over at-

  4. You are so right, it is really hard to describe a scent. I love Marc Jacob Daisy perfumes, but the next one on my list is definitely Si by Giorgio Armani x
    han // emandhan xo


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