14 April 2015

When it comes to your blog, you want it look presentable right? When I first started out blogging, I felt limited, as I was okay at graphic design, however I wasn't particularly strong at it. That's when I started searching "blog freebies" or "free blog resources" on Google and Pinterest and the search results were strong! There are some generous people out there and they are very talented and I am also so grateful! So I thought I would share with you some beautiful freebies I have found, and please read the terms of use on these freebies!

Free fonts!

Free floral banners!

Free arrow graphics!

Free Patterns!

A beautiful free blog template!

And that's it! I think you are all set for a beautiful blog!

Let me know your comments!



  1. Thanis for sharing! These look like great resources to mess around with!


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