29 March 2015

Some days, make up can require so much effort if you really can't be bothered to apply your face. However if you aren't a fan of the whole, brow kits with the gel and powder, let alone trying to conceal to get that precise brow and arch, then the two products above are enough!

I use this combination when I really am feeling lazy! Which is quite often. Oh well! So anyway, I just brush through my eyebrows with a spoolie and lightly start defining my brow and its gaps with the M.A.C eye brow pencil in Spiked, It can look really harsh, so take the spoolie again, and brush through the brow making the results softer and natural.

If you have untamed eyebrows like me, then your bestfriend is going to be the Rimmel London Brow This Way, just run this lightly throw the brow, and there you go!

A defined, yet natural brow which took you no time at all.



  1. Beautiful post, I love the Rimmel brow gel, I have it in clear as I wasn't sure which shade would suit me, it keeps my brows tamed all day! Love the sound of the MAC pencil, I don't think I've tried their brow products before.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

    1. I didn't know they did a clear! I want that! Their brow products are beautiful!

  2. Oh, I have to try this gel! My brows need it :) And the best product for me is the brow powder by Inglot, it has really cool effect!


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