17 March 2015

Evening guys and gals!
I thought I would dedicate a post to staying organised.  This is something I am quite good at. I have to constantly be organised, as I feel like I don't have control otherwise. So first things first, here are some brief tips on how to gain that organisation! 

  • Get yourself a notebook! This is where you can quickly jot down any quick ideas!
  • Purchase a good, cute diary/planner - this is where you can have a clear conscious of whats going on with your blog. 
  • Having Pinterest - this is a strange one, but it is useful! I use this all the time, for inspiration and to organise any freebies I find or useful tips for my blog.
  • Make sure you have a pencil case, I like having colourful pens - it just makes me more inclined to be organised in a creative way. 
  • And finally, have a clear workspace, which allows you to do your blogging in a way that inspires you constantly.

 I hope those quick tips helped you. I was feeling creative and decided I wanted to create a Weekly Post Planner!
I felt generous, so I thought I was share this with you for a free download! Please feel free to share, just do not use this for commercial use or claim as your own.


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